Feeling low....I would love to hear your cheering-up ideas

Ladies this does not include shopping therapy in Paris with funds available of 5 thousand euros.

But it can include a session of reflexology or head and shoulder masaage....OR both.

Gets us away from friction about diction and such.


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Have seen snow in Nîmes, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Marseille, even Menton back in the early 90s... Was at uni in Aix-en-Provence where the neighbours pool was frozen for weeks on end BUT in all these case winter was far shorter and sunnier than in the UK or further north in France (also seen much of Italy in the snow too Florence, Bologna etc.) The Med has it's winter just like everywhere else in Europe, as Peter Mayle and so many others found out to their costs ;-)

Now Canada, that's another climate altogether, full on continental for the most part, no not really my choice...!

Oh no.... My first wife was from Corsica and we went there to escape the 'winter' in Cambridge and London. Guess that was Christmas 1970 and Figari where her family are from is right down perhaps 18km from the southernmost point. It snowed something like 40cm overnight so that we got up in the morning with the windows that had been left slightly open letting snow slicks in the rooms! It was certainly in the range of -4. The cold outlasted our stay by a couple of weeks. Her family said it happens once a decade roughly. We would have stayed in SW London, where there was not even frost!

ooooh, windows open in that sort of weather :-O

as I'm sure you know Brian, Corsica was one of the hardest hit places in this last snowy episode but there again as most of the island is mountainous that isn't unusual at all and we seem to see it every winter yet again under x cm of snow - one of Jean-Pierre Pernaud's favourites...

now on to warmer things, ARTE have a round france coastline programme on now, just like Thalassa did a few years ago, translation just sent off for tomorrow morning's deadline, kids just fallen asleep, off to get a glass of wine and fall asleep in front of the télé thinking about summer...!

ciao ;-)

eco.. ciao! :)

A couple of hours in the sack with the latest squeeze works for me :)


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