Hello, I joined because I was half thinking about retiring to France.Having read all the posts for a few weeks now I am more than happy to stay at home as the french and their attitudes,the bureaucracy, and the weight of negative postings have cleared my mind and this little englander is happy to stay at home.I will just have to buy more wine,bread and cheese at the deli.Being a vegetarian did not seem to help either.

So many thanks to all the subscribers of the last few weeks who helped me see things as they are.

Bonne chance et merci beaucoup


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DEFINITELY not Sir Alex,my football loyalties are further north than that and assuredly not a joke post.

Thank you to all responders for their input and I will mull over what has been said in the light of what has been contributed.

Many thanks to you all,I am just about to open my last bottle of Vincent Lacondemine Beaujolais - Village Nouveau to make sure I am in the correct frame of mind for such deliberations.


well i'm still coming...... and i value this site as a space where people can exchange THEIR experiences freely... i stress THEIR experiences as they are all unique to the individuals concerned -)))

if you've changed your mind Alex and it feels right to do so - then you have made a wise decision but please do not be influenced by others  -  if your heart is pulling you to France act upon it - if it isn't act upon that.... blessings and good luck whichever way you go.

If that is what you plan on drinking you should stay where you are :-)

ha ha, I was thinking that too.... :-)


He should join the bi-polar group then.

Ronalds words.......when he opened the group.

Well, Alex, your assumption that there is much negativity is probably accurate, when the information is gleaned from an ExPat forum, such as this.

But, viewed in perspective, most of the posts are from Brits who love a good moan, and who do find themselves in a Foreign land. Any relocation is fraught with problems, administrative and cultural.

Everything is different, the procedures, language, diet, attitude and so on, as it would be anywhere, which is why SFN is of such value to les Bifs.

Yes, it can be nightmarishly frustrating. But you can absorb yourself in the whole culture, or do as we do, cherry pick the good bits. The space, the sun, the food, the ambience, the beauty, the highly efficient Health and Motorway systems, the schooling.

Plus the added bonus that if you are out in a Friday night, the chances of being blammed by some kiddie with a cap gun or knifed by same with Mum's bread knife are pretty slim.

A happy implant


at least the traffic on the roads is 'moving' James....less chance of being knifed. smiley face!

thought you were moving here?


I was married to a Frenchman for 25 years, he died some 23 years ago.  We travelled extensively in France but he died before we could actually buy a property there.

I have sinc e some 10 years now had a property in rural France as a residence secondaire.  I have many friends there both French and English and there are many things about the lifestyle I love - c ourtesy, empty roads, slower calmer way of life, less emphasis on material things and more on social interacting, stronger family values, excellent m edical care with doctors who actually look at you and not at the computer screen and are not edging for you to leave after your few minutes are up. Eating out is still a pleasure and can be not too expensive.  Weather of course depending where you settle, can mean a more "outside life" which I enjoy. 

N egatives are as has been said difficulty in obtaining employment, lack of customer care if needing to return faulty goods, extreme bureaucracy requiring moutains of paperwork for the slightest thing.  Many things are far more expensive than in the UK.

Living the rural life has for many of my UK friends begun to pall after a few years and they are now wanting to move to the edge of large village/town to be able to walk to the shops and bar.    My local bars close at 7 pm. life in winter can be very lonely as people seem to rush home after dark and shut the shutters whilst in the summer everyone is out and about.

Suggest best thing is to try the life both in the winter and summer and see how you find it - may be rent which is easy.

Anyway good luck and if you do decide to move I hope you will be very happy.


it's probably a spoof post by you James as you are getting cold ( and damp ) feet. LOL

James, please bear in mind that finding work in France is more than just having the right experience. I'm French and my husband is English. Like your wife I went to England many years ago to do my Masters and pretty much found work straightaway.

We moved back to France ten years ago. My husband went back to Uni to do a Master's degree in wine and this in itself was a challenge. He is now employed by a french employer and has 8 years experience in his field and 10 in France, yet he has applied on and off for similar jobs on the off chance -he speaks pretty much perfect French now on top of his work experience- and been rejected, other (French) candidates having been preferred for the job.

It won't be easy. We have plenty of English friends around, all have to be self-employed to get work of one form or another.

And I think that we can consider ourselves lucky that as a couple, we had 'myself' to rely on for earnings when we moved here and to sort out all the bureaucracy which is a nightmare if you are not a french speaker. I don't wish to discourage you, rather the contrary, but you must come prepared, maybe if you haven't done so go to Uni to study French, because one thing is for sure, the market here is completely stagnant work wise, and general experience and mastering the language will not be enough. Degrees, having the right certificates, experience with the right employer, etc... counts much more. I have 20 years' experience in my own field and whenever I have looked at finding training and salaried work (and I am French with many degrees) it's been extremely difficult.
I think that life here CAN and SHOULD be enjoyed, but it's important to come over with your eyes wide open.
Best of luck


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