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hello, I wonder if anyone knows if UK hygiene certificates are accepted to handle food commercially in france? I ask because it costs about £80 to do a level 5 certificate in the UK (which we already have)  and 349 euro to do a level 1 in france. We're starting a mobile takeaway

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Just sorting our Christmas Tree list for this year James

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Is anyone running Christmas promos for your products or services this year? 

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Thanks for the contact Brian-I've just signed up

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Our first accountant obtained the siret number from Ensee but they

gave Ensee the wrong profession details. So we have to get it changed.

Would that be the responsability of the old/original accountant as the new one charges for every breath he takes on our behalf....RIGHTLY TOO.But the original accountants have made a real mess.

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Just wanted to let you all know that we are now finally up and fully funtional.

We have a 350m2 showroom filled with all your hearts desires in flooring, if it be Carpet and underlay, Solid wood,Laminate, Vinyl, Artificial grass, paint or made to measure blinds for the windows we have it in stock or on a quick turnaround order.

Free on site surveys and estimates.

Find us on Facebook or directley on our site :

Carpetman France /

Look forward to seeing you soon.


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(with a smug grin....) we just got our three-star (hotel) rating!

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I'm the co-author of a new comedy tv series we're trying to get made about how to become French - all those cultural differences you didn't expect - and that you love to hate or hate to love...

There are links below to pages about the project and to a teaser.  All feedback is welcome, as are ideas/stories/suggestions on funny problems you've run into in France.  As business owners here you may well share our frustrations... 

Here are the links : 

Paris I Hate to Love You

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Please join my new group

Everything about social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc. etc.)

See more about me here

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Good luck Steve with your new venture.  I am in my 5th year of business here.  It has certainly not been easy, but with determination you will make it and it will all be worthwhile.  Any questions you have, please post to the group, I am sure there is someone that will have an answer for you.

Can I wish all the members of the group a very merry christmas and a wonderful and prosperous 2012!

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Hi Steve,thanks, Always enthusiastic, must be the nerves

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Good luck Ron.

Luckily there are quite a few people who have been through the mill, as it were. So you have had some sound advice. It will be an exciting 2012 for you and you seem a very enthusiastic person, I am sure you will do well.

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Firstly let me salute you all, for managing to trade here. After 10 years in the wilderness, I am about to become an AE, thanks to some very handy pointers from fellow SFN Members. I feel much more confident now, and more so knowing that there are those here who know the ropes, which without support would probably be knotted around my neck. GULP, here goes.   

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French Classified offers business advertising in one region in France from just 10 Euros a year. From 30 Euros for all regions.

We also offer free property advertising for a small private advert.

For more information please visit our website HERE

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thanks chrissie will give him a call

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Jo, have you tried the guy who has the restaurant in Ste Maure de Peyriac?  I've been to two weddings he catered - they were excellent - but it was a while ago so not sure if he's still doing it. 

Anyway, his name is M. Duffau and I think the number of the restaurant is 05 53 65 61 00. 

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The wedding venue where we require catering is chateau de lisse which is situated in between mezin and nerac www.chateaudelisse

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Hi, Jo, it might be a good idea to mention the area.

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DESPERATE PLEA - Can anyone recommend a caterer for weddings ?- must be able to cater for maximum of 80 guest


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Perfect excuse for christmas shopping - Just wanted to let you all know about a Winter fair being held on Thursday 1 December - 10am to 6pm at Chateau de lisse, lot-et-garonne there will be over 30 stalls with gifts, cards, flowers, wine, accessories - 3 course lunch being served for 12 euros a head - plus Christmas carols to get you in the festive mood ! let me know if you would like a stall - only 20 euros

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Hello to all of you who took us up on the free month on the business owners page, the month has expired now, for those of you who have not already, please can you let me know if you wish to continue with you adverts on SFN or not? For those of you that have already contacted me, you don't need to do anything!





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Gillian, please post that in the renovation group.
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I really need some advice from a plumber or someone who has installed a heating system in their house.  We have a house on the Aude/Ariege border and after 22 years of owning the house are finally installing central heating.  We have been told by our plumber that adding anti-freeze rust inhibitor to the system will invalidate the guarantee of the boiler and that they don't do such things in France.  Since we are not always in France during the coldest times we feel that it is necessary to stop the radiators freezing.  Does anyone have experience of this - I would welcome your input.

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Hi Pam, These limitations have been brought in precisely to stop people using the AE as avoiding paying for health insurance. The problem is that if your income is very low, the authorities may start looking at your lifestyle to see how you are managing to live on zero income. Although many of us live on very little, the authorities seem to be more suspicious of foreigners unfortunately. The figure of 3000€ is correct, that's why being self employed is so difficult in France. As a follow on, your social security does expire after a certain length of time once you stop paying into the system but there are different lengths of time depending on your situation. If memory serve me right it is about 2 years once you leave full time employment but I'm not sure about the other situations.
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Crikey, the private health insurance was cheaper than that. So am i right in thinking that they would be expecting something around that figure of payments over a year to keep it going and stay an AE? It seems a lot for part time work.
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Hi Pam, Derval is correct in that they change your regime - but then you become instantly enrolled in €3000 of compulsory social charges per year in the new regime.
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Ohh strange, yeah, I never heard of an expiry date either. Sorry, don't know about that...Good luck.derv
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Hi Derv, thanks for that, i've been getting a bit worried, When my carte vitale finally arrived, it only took about 4 months, it had an expiry date for a year ahead, i understand they don't normally have expiry dates so my friends and i presumed that they were giving me a year to get some income. I hope you are right :-). Pam
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Hi Pam, I am an auto entrepreneur also-there has to be no activtiy/earnings for 2 years before anything happens to you and then they change your business will be changed to a different regime, but they don't take away your carte vitale-as far as I understand once you have a carte vitale you always have one. The only impact of your earnings being zero is that after 2 years your regime is changed. Hope that helps. derv
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Hi, I'm after some advice. I set up a small business as a dressmaker under the auto enterprise scheme, work has been patchy and more off than on really. I sent a nil return the first time, and paid about 60euro's tax with the second one. Now the third one is coming round and i have so far nothing to declare. My problem is how long will they let me pay nothing before they decide to take away my carte vitale. I am wondering whether to "invent" some income and pay them something rather than nothing. The question is how much do i need to pay them to get my carte vitale renewed when it expires in April?