Hi there.  Hope someone can help.  I recently had my second Skype session with a student which was a bit of a disaster.    Playback of her voice was indistinct, she had difficulty hearing me.  I need to get this fixed urgently, or I am afraid I will lose this student.  The first session last week went well.  And of course, I have no way of knowing if there was a problem with her laptop.

 I also note systems sounds or video playback seems to falter sometimes, and the sound gets distorted for a few seconds before righting itself.  Don’t know what to do. 

System details are:

 Acer Aspire 8530G running Windows 7 64 bit.  Processor is AMD Athlon 64 x2

 Sound menu:

 Playback – “Speakers” are selected.  Speakers:  Realtek High Definition Audio (default device)

The other available setting is “Realtek Digital Output.  Would I be better to use this for playback?  What, if any, other settings can I tweak to improve playback of sounds and reduce the distortion?

Under “sound”, the “Communications” tab is set to “mute all other sounds”

 Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Sheila

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Haa......laptop stand is a life savior for me (mine doesn't come with a fan) plus, taking off the battery and plugging it directly to the electrical outlet also reduces the heat and enables me to have my laptop run 24/7 should I choose so. (my laptop is a little over 5 years old)

Good to know, Jacqueline.  Never thought of taking battery out, even though I always use it on mains.

 I thought my laptop was just dying on me knowing that I've had it for more than  4 years and using it almost 24/7 since day one I bought it! My IT friend adviced me to take it off when my computer kept crashing every few mins and giving me either black or blue screen.   It's still alive n kicking now!  Just need to be more careful though NOT to trip and accidentally unplug it off the power strip cos you'll lose everything you were working on :D

Hi Sheila , have you any update on the lappy situation, did keeping it cooler help at all?



Typed you a long reply and lost it!  Thanks for asking and I have run fan 24/7 for the last few days.  Two Skype calls went perfectly yesterday, but the one with the video had one or two tiny distortions but otherwise fine.  I had also re-booted just before taking the calls.  Ordered a bigger cooler ( 3 x fans) from Amazon on Monday, so am awaiting delivery of same.  I notice that even when just running Mozilla (with 4/5 tabs open) and my little jigsaw game, lappy is heating up quite a bit.  Have also cleaned underside - there was a lot of dust accumulated round the air intake, so that might help.  It does look like you've cracked it Nick!  (fingers crossed & touch wood).  Thanks very much for your time on this.  Much appreciated.

Kind regards, Sheila

Excellent news, yes lets hope that cures it , and we have saved you having to buy a new laptop.



Hello all.  I'm back with the overheating problem.  Laptop is still overheating, and I'm now on my third little fan gadget.  It is hot to the touch just running Mozilla with four tabs open.  Area around battery is cool.   Two questions:  If I switch to another operating system, might that help?

Second, I run Windows 7 Premium Home 64 bit.  Why are all these 32 bit processes showing up?  Thanks in advance.


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