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A place to show off your paintings, drawings, illustrations,graphics, sculptures, ceramics and design projects. Swap info on all matters artistic and design including graphics, products, cars and architecture.  Advertise up and coming art events or your own shows.

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Your top 5 artists/illustrators - number 1

Started by neil whitehead yesterday. 0 Replies

In no particular order - Mark Harrison. He paints a wide range of subjects  and is an excellent draughtsman and handles colour in an interesting way. His blog shows you how he produces his

Creating Art

Started by Debra Lee. Last reply by Debra Lee on Sunday. 16 Replies

Hi!I posted this on Art Without Limits but I would like to hear from members of this group as well.I have a question for everyone.  What does creating art mean to you?  Is it your passion?  A way to earn a living? An enjoyable hobby you pursue?  Is it your top priority after your loved ones?  Do you work at it every day or is it something you do only when you have some free time?For me, art is my life.  I have never wanted to be anything but an artist.  I literally hurt if I don't make art.  I work in my studio...or out in the field...every day.  Even when I am ill I do drawings and little projects.  I resent anything that keeps me from creating.  (I sound a little extreme, don't I? lol)  I earn my living through my art but I will never stop creating it...even if I am only creating it for myself.  So, art is definitely my passion.Please share your thoughts...Continue

Razzle Dazzle

Started by neil whitehead Apr 5. 0 Replies

From design Week ( Peter Blake has created a moving piece of public art by designing pop art graphics for the exterior of a passenger ship in Liverpool.The artist has designed a “dazzling” pattern for the Mersey ferry Snowdrop, which was then painted onto the vessel by ship repairers Cammell Laird.The artwork, named Everybody Razzle Dazzle, will remain on the ship for two years as people use it for commuting and for canal cruises.“This is the first real piece of public art I’ve been commissioned to do,” Blake says. “I’ve always been involved with the public in that I’ve tried to make things that are available for…Continue

Tags: painting, design, art

crafting vs arting

Started by amanda coxon. Last reply by neil whitehead Apr 2. 3 Replies

I hope I'm welcome here...I can't describe myself as an artist although I have an art and design background. I suppose I'm a crafter. Mostly what i do is use stuff that is of no use to anyone else to make something that is defined by my definition of 'pretty' or 'useful'...I really love to work with clay but haven't been able to for eons...lack of work a lot with papier mache...mostly I make things...sometimes I sew, sometimes I'm working with plaster or cement....Just creating objects out of things in a way that visually appeals to me.Continue

Art Without Limits

Started by Debra Lee. Last reply by carol Ann Alexander Nicholls Mar 30. 5 Replies

For those of you who have been reading the posts here, you know that I am the troublesome artist who sent most of you a message.  I also caused a little tempest in a teapot.  *smile*I am cordially inviting you to join my group, Art Without Limits.  Neil kindly became the first member.  I am not encouraging anyone to leave this group.  I am going to continue to participate here (poor Neil) as well as administer my group.  I created my group to provide a forum that brings all the visual arts, including fine crafts, together in one place.  I hope to see sharing of ideas, development of new techniques and styles, and artistic growth within the group.So, don't make Neil have to spend time alone with me.  "joking"  Please consider joining Art Without Limits.Wishing you all a grand day!DebraContinue

Drawings in Graphite

Started by Debra Lee. Last reply by Debra Lee Mar 29. 3 Replies


Pastel Paintings

Started by Debra Lee. Last reply by Debra Lee Apr 1. 4 Replies


a few watercolours

Started by carol Ann Alexander Nicholls. Last reply by carol Ann Alexander Nicholls Mar 30. 9 Replies

I have been watching the postings, thinking when I get a min I will post something Easter Sunday morning quite time, some watercolour paintings of flowers, I seam to be always working on  illustrations  for somethings or a other chocolate bar wrappers, Cosmetics labels, book covers, commissions for painting  the latest is on it's way to Washington USA., development drawings  you can find my work all over the world. this week I been work is a bit hush hush until the company launch the new product. Continue

Tags: cartaxo, nicholls, poppy, iris, daffoidil

Bird of Peace

Started by neil whitehead. Last reply by Peter Bird Apr 5. 17 Replies

A small acrylic painting, 10 cms square.Continue

My Art

Started by Debra Lee. Last reply by Courtney Wilding Mar 27. 1 Reply

Since I am not shy in the least, I am going to share a little about my art along with photos of my art, per James' suggestion.I am posting images of my pastel paintings.  I work in pretty much all mediums, though.  I will post more of my art at a later date, in the different mediums.  I don't want to bore the pants off everyone imediately.  :)All of these pastel paintings are 60.96X45.72 cm in size.  I use various brands of pastels; Rembrandt, vintage Grumbacher, Girault, Daler-Rowney, Great American Art Works, Sennelier, Unison, Schmincke, and now I have started using Diane Townsend, Terry Ludwig, and one Henri Roche pastel.  lol  Henri Roche pastels are VERY expensive but I got one to try in a pastel sampler set.  There is a pastellist joke I will share. "When do you know you have enough pastels?  When you run out of money."So, now that I have made my stab at comedy, I will share my work.  Some of the photographs aren't wonderful.  I need to get my photographer with the good camera…Continue

Tags: #pastelpaintings, #sfnart


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