1 year unfurnished rental

Hi Everyone. We are still planning our move over to France, the house is sorted this end and now we have decided that we need longer than a couple of months to decide which area we really want to move to. So we are now looking for a 12 month, preferably unfurnished, rental, not in a town but semi rural or in a village. Trouble is we can't find many available. All the agents web sites are obviously pushing short term rentals for holidays. Has anyone any recommendations for a long term unfurnished property web site or perhaps you know a friend who wants to do it. Areas we would consuder are: Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Hautes Pyprenees, Haute-Garonne, Ariege, Pyrenees-Orientales

best place is leboncoin.fr we've rented, bought and sold using it ;-)