18 month low on Sterling/Euro

Now is currently the best time to transfer money from France back to the UK in over 18 months due to the weak Pound.

Sterling has dropped remarkably against the Euro to €1.1450 – the lowest rate we have seen since the summer of 2011.

As an added bonus to making the most of these rates if you transfer over €2,000 by the end of March in our promotion with leading currency specialist TorFX, then you stand a very good chance of winning the latest Kindle Fire HD in our draw.

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Just for info I used TorFX for a sizeable transfer from Sterling to Euros last year and found them excellent.

Unless it is the excellent shop in London. Nice drink though too! Perhaps when my pension starts I should just have it sent to them every month to send out as goods which would please my OH immensely.

As for the Limoncello, why don’t you make your own. James Martin had a really good recipe.

I have used HIFX to transfer my pension. By paying a month in advance of the contract starting I was able to set the rate for a year. My current rate is 1.20 so am really benefitting just now and for 12 months I know exactly how much I will be paid.

It is the same with the US Dollar -!

Ah- limoncello! I spent some holidays at Praiano near Amalfi at a small pensione (Continentale which I recommend) where they made their own! Served ice cold on their terrace on the cliff looking at the sea after dinner-who could touch it? Just doesn’t taste the same in Brittany!

Siete i benvenuti! My family just arrive at Milano in half an hour, when they come back next week they will do some shopping on the way back to Malpensa. Otherwise, we import from limoncello.

Mille Grazie Brian!

David, these people in the UK are good www.italianfood-shop.co.uk/ for parma, cheese and so on and http://www.limoncello.co.uk/ good for most Italian groceries including my precious espresso. It is cheaper to import from the UK than from Italy, for instance I buy 250 gr of Lavazza Qualita Rossa for £3.50 but from Italy direct it costs over €6 and postage is expensive.

I think that most of the retired Brits like me are in the same boat. It make sense to buy as much as possible in the UK on the Internet as there is an immediate 10% benefit against the euro although you need to chose companies with reasonable delivery charges. Amazon seems to be cheaper in the UK even with delivery charges. M and S have fixed it so you can't buy in the UK and have delivered to France- you have to buy off their French site which has much less choice anyway. For Indian and similar food I have found these people super www.spicesofindia.co.uk Does anyone have a good value site for ordering Brit and Italian stuff from the UK? Certainly if you are thinking of buying a second hand car in the UK you can save lots on euro prices.

My pittance of a partial pension starts later this year. I shall simply let it go into my savings account in the UK to grow and leave it alone.

Agreed. Very worrying for those of us living on UK pensions. Difficult to plan monthly bills if you don't know what monthly income is going to be.

Mmm not such good news as we were down by about 50 euro on last months pensions so must tighten belts a little more I think.

Thanx James, - good for get some Rover spareparts and other useful things such as books;-)

Trouble is - my pension is paid in Sterling into a UK bank and want to transfer into Euros. Catastrophe!