18 months and still waiting for a Social Sec number - help


My husband and daughter (both UK citizens) have been waiting for 18 months for a French social security number. We have provided all documents 3 times and have been in contact with the “Service consolidation” /Mediateur since November last year who has only asked for more of the same documents.

I have been given a number as have our 2 other children.

Without a SS number for my husband, i am taxed as a single parent and we cannot claim back any medical expenses we have incurred to date.

We really don’t know where to turn to and are getting desperate. Any advice would be very gratefully received.

Hi Anna - couple of things…

What did your local CPAM say when you last saw them? and

Are you all French resident?

Hello Anna… and welcome to the forum.

Goodness, sounds a right pickle… so you and 2 children are OK and your husband and daughter are NOT…

can I presume that the daughter is not your child??? or am I mistaken… and you and the other 2… are you and they French???

I am trying to understand why there is such a difference in how the family is being treated…

(which part of France are you in ???)

Thank you so much for replying so fast Stella and for the welcome!

We are all British and my husband is the father of all 3 of my children.

We are based in Martinique.

My husband was born overseas but was Nationalized as British some 10 years ago.
All three children were born in the UK too.

I’m at a loss to understand why they would treat my husband/daughter any different to me and the 2 other children…

Hello Simon

We are in Martinique and have CGSS and not CPAM - i think that’s the equivalent…

As requested by the “mediateur”, we completed a “Questionnaire “recherche de droits”
ressortissants européens inactifs” in November with all accompanying documents (which had already been provided numerous times).

In March, the Mediateur came back to us asking for my annual pay slips which have since been provided. We were told that for our daughter SANDIA was working on validating the request. Despite numerous efforts to contact the Mediateur, we’ve had nothing since then…

Apparently the nationality of my daughter and husband had been incorrectly noted in their system but that was corrected at the end of last year.

Thanks again

And yes - we are all French residents. My husband and I have our CDS and all kids live with us and attend state schools.


Oh dear… it certainly is baffling…

As Simon has suggested… is there a local office of CPAM…where you can talk things through, not just to exchange paperwork, but to find someone who can possibly identify the hiccup.

What do they say at your Mairie… sometimes the Mairie can cut through baffling red-tape/confusion…

Best of luck

SOLVIT is an EU help servce for EU citzens of one EU country living in another EU country and who are experiencing administrative difficulties.
They are very helpful.
Just google SOLVIT.

Thank you! I will get on to that straight away!

Can you get a CDS without having a social security number?

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Yes - when you apply for it within 12 months of arriving and with a valid UK EHIC card.