186 days to christmas.. Nyetimber on offer now

If you have a special bottle for festivities Vinatis is selling Nyetimber at same price as in Waitrose

And yes I know it’s expensive, but a once a year taste of the best of British .

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Well done for mentioning Christmas… that’s jolted me into action.
Hurrah… time to start preparations for the Carol Singing…
(I know locals are eagerly awaiting this annual treat, which was cancelled in 20 & 21 due to covid.)

Nooooo! :scream:


Ha ha… it takes me ages… and I start in July !!!

OH threatens to leave home, when he’s heard the same carols over and over again… 'cos I’m checking the printed words do match the vocals… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: So many variations… which ones to choose… aaargh.

Each year there still seems to be some sort of hiccup, which has folk confused and/or hysterical and/or something in between. :rofl: :wink:
But everyone has fun… the magic of Christmas (if OH lets me live that long…)

Best you get the sprouts on :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Well Stella has a touch of French blood in her veins so could perhaps wait until September. Enough time to make sure they are fully boiled.


I can’t start planning the Menu until the Carol Singing is properly organized… which is why I start jingling-belling… in July. :rofl: and that goes on for months…

As someone who lived literally on the edge of the original Nyetimber vineyards I can remember not too long ago that you could buy it for a few quid, definitely under a tenner, from the village shop, they could hardly give it away. How times have changed. I always like to suggest that the extra flavour that makes it so special is down to what my dogs would do 4 times a day at least on the base of the vines :see_no_evil::rofl:


I know how you feel. The OP using that C word has made me use another.

I merely hope you fed them on something better than pure chemical dog food!

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