1955 MGTF 1500 for sale

Bertie our 1955 MGTF 1500 is for sale complete with trailer.
As seen at the 2015 & 2017 Perigueux Vintage days.
Massive history folder with lots of paperwork.
LHD vehicle on French plates all ready to use this summer.
This is a very rare model only built with the 1500 engine for two years.
Reluctant sale, but I’m not getting the use out of it due to my passion for motorcycles…
Drives beautifully, upgraded 5 speed box to make life easier.
Looking for €35000 including the trailer.


Truly gorgeous.

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She is a beauty. Did you perhaps also take part in the ‘vintage day in the Mont Dore area’ last year? So many wonderful vintage cars around, and their owners are so obviously proud of them. :slight_smile:

Nope, have only had chance to get to perigueux twice & a couple of runs out in the last 4 year’s unfortunately.

It is lovely but it’s much too young to be Vintage. :slight_smile:

Well David she is the same age as me so that’s made my day ! :rofl:

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I’m glad it made your day. :slight_smile:


Ann… you’re not Vintage… … you’re Classic (and doesn’t that have a nicer ring to it…:relaxed::grin::grin: )


Yes indeed Stella, and better than mature too, because that should only be used for wine and cheese :yum:
I shall henceforth describe myself as classic … :laughing:

Really thought somebody on here would be interested in purchasing…?
Ah well looks like eBay etc…

Look on the bright side, at least none of us on here are wasting your time or trying to scam you :grin:
It’s only been a couple of days, I would imagine even if someone just happened to have 35k lying around, they might want to think about it for a few days first (unless it was a typo and I’ll happily give you 3500 for it).

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Hi Steve

Have you advertised in La Vie d’Auto ??? and/or with the MG Club de France etc etc ???

Le Bon Coin is another useful selling site…


Good idea Stella, thanks

Hi Steve,
this is a beautiful car and a valuable car. I’d stongly recommend the use of specialist collectors magazines either through their classified section or one of the specialist dealers advertising in the magazines to achieve a sale at the proper value.

It’s a lovely car but surely advertising in here should be considered as a bit of a bonus rather than thebest place. There may be people with €35,000 spare, there might be people looking to buy a classic car but for that sort of money the choice is huge. As people have said, advertise in specialist magazines or on specialist websites where serious buyers looking for that sort of car will look. Good luck, you may still find a buyer through SFN, it only takes one person.

I’ve had an interest in classic cars for a long, long time Steve and watched the prices go through the roof over the last ten to fifteen years. I’m sure you’ll get a good price but if I was selling her I’d consider auction. I presume it’s an ex USA car? TF 1500s seem to be making around 30k to 35k sterling in the UK so clean LHD here should make a premium on that. Of course there are the auctioneers fees to consider also. Good luck.

Did I see Bertie on a trailer behind a Shogun (or similar) on the N141 going east near Limoges last Thursday?

JNope, not the unless he took it himself for a run…

Must have been his twin brother then

These are lovely cars… and they are out and about all over France… :relaxed::relaxed: