1974 Land rover insurance for a French Resident

Hi all,

I hope somebody out there can help me. One of our good friends has an English 1974 Landrover, he is a French resident (Born & Bred), he's been told he can't import the car to France but needs to insure it on English plates.

Can anybody give me some advice that I can pass on.



Agree with Mark, unless the orignal engine has been changed it should be simple, otherwise a few more hoops but still possible.

Hi Debbie,

Whoever told your friend that he cannot import his 1974 Landrover needs to have his mouth sewn up!

It is possible to import almost any vehicle depending on how many hoops one is prepared to jump through!

A Landrover of this age can be imported easily, using the FVEE - http://www.ffve.org//files/docs/Formulaire%20demande%20attestation%20remplissable%20en%20ligne.pdf

It can then be cheaply & legally insured here! As a French resident you have 6 months to put it into the system.

Et voila!