1km rayon map

Here we are again…and for those who have thrown away their 1km maps here’s one way of tracing your circle. (There are others)

Thank you Jane, but no need, I already know that the field and forest I walk my dog in is contained by the lane which completely cuts off us and 2 neighbours from the outside world and, is never more than 1 km away from the house. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can, if I want, go a little further but the incentive is not enough. :wink:

Thanks, but my map still has the circle from the previous confinement.

However, we live on the north bank of the Lot and during the previous confinement the south bank was off-limits because it was a nature reserve (read ‘parc’ in the legislation) , so our 1 km radius was only a semi-circle. This time, it’s not, so we can walk the dog, gather kindling in the chestnut forest and still have another hour of exercise a day on the other bank.

Equally importantly, we can continue to buy our food from producteurs on local markets rather than having to surreptitiously drive to the farms or use the supermarche. So, this time I think the government has got it right, obviously we’ll miss meals and walks with friends, but the brico stores remain open (though this particular positive continues to elude my OH).

Nevertheless, I acknowledge that as childless retirees, who are well provided for and who live in a lovely rural location, we’re unusually privileged. We and our animals are secure, contented and well-fed: could be far worse.