2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a Big Tech Scam

A very interesting podcast.

As I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts I’m not at risk from their 2FA data theft, but it’s introduction is undoubtably to improve their gathering of your private data, not to protect your account. Thankfully 2FA is old hat and will be replaced by…. Zero-knowledge proof - Wikipedia which is cheaper to operate and cleaner from a data privacy point of view. The sooner the better.

Never thought anything else. No matter who the organisation is another piece of your life handed over so you’ll loose your mobile as well, if the organisation has lax security then giving away more is daft, if they have the best security you wouldn’t need 2 factor security.
Welcome other views.


Never use my phone for anything other than as a phone, also don’t have location enabled.
People tell me it’s good to use instead of satnav (more up to date in real time) but I am reluctant to do that for exactly this reason.
Incidentally I see we are now offered the choice to log into SF using Google, Twitter or FB and I NEVER do this for anything!

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I only use location when required such as satnav and dont use google assistant, always turned off.
Its a trade off for some things like up to date traffic.
But 2 factor id is something else and I dont use bank software on my mobile.

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Same here.
we also don’t have any banking apps installed on our phones or tablets.

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