2 Houses into 1

We are looking to buy a property in France. We've found something we really like...it's actually 2 houses (no's 11 & 13) attached to one another (barn inbetween) but they being marketed/sold as separate properties. The current owners are brother & sister and the properties were handed down to them following the death of their parents.

The immobilier has done a deal with the siblings and got us a reasonable price for the 2 properties. Our intention would be to live in one of the houses and make a Gite out of the other. However, it suddenly struck me that should we buy them, would we have to pay taxes/bills, etc as if they were still 2 separate properties, or could we now class them as one owned property? I'm worried that I'm going to be lumbered with two lots of Tax Fonciere and habitation tax.

Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks!

Property taxes are based on the 'habitable floor area' - so whether you maintain two separate tax accounts or apply to have the buildings assessed as a single entity - broadly speaking, makes no difference. If you embark as a commercial undertaking (not for the faint-hearted), the tax position will change and you'll have "commercial" tax on part of the property.....

My best guess would be it depends on what is in the "acte de vente", if it lists the 2 "parcelles" from the plan cadastre, it would be treated as 1 property, if there are separate actes then they will be treated independently. You probably need to talk to a notaire.

Hi Bob, we are in a similar position as we are purchasing the house next door to us. Can you tell me what yo did in the end? Also what advice you ended up getting.

Hi Helen, in the end we dithered too long and the property was sold to someone else. We now live in the Correze in an old Auberge. Bon courage.

Thanks Bob :slight_smile: