2 Miniscule kittens need a temporary foster home

Chats du Quercy is looking for a foster family in dept 82 or at least near to our Rescue Centre, for 2 tiny kittens of roughly 1 month - 6 weeks old. Their wild mother was killed on the road in a small village where we are helping with Trap-Neuter-Return neutering programme.

The kittens are NOT used to human handling, but at this age will soon come round. As usual, we supply an enclosure, food, vet treatment and anything else necessary, you would have no expenses to pay out, just your time and care.

If you can help by housing them for 2/3 weeks to enable us to get vaccinations on the go, please contact Lynn, on 05 63 94 73 97
Thanks in advance!

Me too Valerie!

Here are 3 other orphans from a stray killed either by the hunt or run over - we are not sure!

Only about 5 weeks old, they were quite wild but now come to us for cuddles - such a turn around in just 5 days!!

They'll be ready for adoption in a few weeks time when they are microchipped, vaccinated etc etc

I love a happy ending!

Happy news that these 2 have now gone straight to their permanent home together!!