20 years and going nowhere fast

How did it happen that I’ve been in France for 20 years this year? Honestly I came out for a year to learn French… stayed a bit because I was loving my job, met a man, had a child…

20 years just kind of “slipped” by.

All this time in the same company, being “flexible” but never moving upwards… is it too late for me to worry? Should I just accept that I’m stuck at my current level and will continue to be expected to bend with whatever way the wind is blowing?

The idea of the CDI contract is VERY attractive in the climate of closures and layoffs, but it really does sometimes seem to be a trap, in that we get sucked into a “comfort zone” where we no longer want to risk loosing that fuzzy blanket of security.

So do I risk and push “upwards” demmanding recognition for 20 years of effort, or do I accept that I’m just another pawn in a large corporate entity, going nowhere fast? (please don’t get me wrong here, I actually still like the company I work for and continue to believe in it, it’s just that recent events have made me start to re-examine where I am again).

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Let us know if things improve at work.

Jane thanks for the advice. Greg does know how I feel, it’s just that for him we both came here specifically to work where we do, and also that he knows he will not be able to get an equivalent job anywhere else (he has worked hiw way up to a certain level without any formal qualifications, however his skills are unlikely to be transferrable anywhere else).

Anyways this week I’ve expressed again my dissatisfacetion at work and things may actually be moving in a more posative direction as certain changes are being re considered. We’ll see what the coming weeks bring.

Jacqui, Could you point out to your husband that this company is not so great for you! It seems to me that you are under-valued there, being promised things that never materialise and expecting you to accept it quietly. A promise is a promise and those that break them are not to be trusted. I can understand your reluctance if you feel that your husband will not understand, and, after all, you are the one that has to live with him. It seems to me that your first challenge should be to make your husband aware of just how dis-satisfied you are with your treatment and get him on side, then you can think how to go forward with his support.

No mind reading Dani, just a lot of soul searching since Thursday, and a couple of sleepless night too (think I should sleep in it… just don’t seem to be able to!!).

It’s typical in that everything seemed great since a bit over a year ago, promised promotion (never materialised), enjoying new challenges, those are the ones that were announced I’m giving up to someone who has been on Conje Parantal for the last three years… You just don’t seem to be able to win in big companies. You always seem to end up feeling little more than a number.

Stephen was it hard to change direction? My worry is tha my husband will never consider leaving the company we currently work for, and I’m not sure I could live with him constantly saying how great it is, when/if I feel forced into leaving.

Did you just read my mind? At least you can feel assured that you are not alone in your pondering, but I haven’t found the solution either.
Hang in there,