2012.....HOW can we help each other/OURSELVES to make it great?

The interesting thing that I have learnt about life is that by being open it brings you closer

to happiness. SF is a Forum where you can be yourself.....find solutions which may have been

impregnated deep down ...too far down...and offer suggestions to others.

We need to carry on with this great comfort zone of advise, the morning chuckles on the chat as we rise....(reminding me of an old Donovan Leitch song)

Anyone interested to create SF EVENT/get togethers in their region.

For us Oct is a good time...but we have very little parking land.

Anyone in my area interested to help arrange a get together?

LIVE MUSIC....maybe a disco...LETS ALL DO THE LOCA MOTION...that was

Little Eva.

Help with setting up new buisness....VERY important to keep the French

ounion soup brewing and the economy like a good beignet batter.

I am not crazy...just determind.

Sadly I am not an alcohol drinker either.

Vertually T total for many years as I suffered hugely from miagrane

I have not had a miagrain since I moved to FRANCE.

SAD - yes for my kids English but there aren't many other "SFN" kids who can pop over to mamie et papi for sunday lunch and see their taties et tontons, their cousins et cousines regularly (makes up for them not seeing their English family in the UK!)

SFN online already takes up far too much of my time but it is rather addictive and an escape from a 100% francophone world!

AH well not so many members in your area...SAD

photo - just sfn policy, not for me to "inforce" but it adds to the nice friendly community here (mine's a long shot from being professional - was cycling round corsica with friends and it was taken in the evening after way too much wine!)

Yes some/most people could talk to my kids and OH in French. My kids are only 4.5 and 2.5 but understand English no problem, as i've made it my crusade, but it'll take a while before they come out with any. An anglophone environment would be really good for them as they never get that but it's a long round trip for young kids and with so much else going on in life...!

Now if there were a meet up within spitting distance from the Aveyron... but I know it's an area where there aren't too many members :-(

BY THE WAY your kids can speak French with the SF members...

THEY would be really welcome ...I am sure

Andrew a photo is not the answer.....it is a visual audition.

Looking at my web site will tellyou everything. The fact that I may be 18 or 82

with hair grey or blue....

But I understand the underlying physcology in relation to this.

Shall search for a date with the hairdresser and pop off to Nice for

some botox....after consulting with Lulu in London

.The other thing is we don't know where everyone else is! I know we have the members map but would it be possible to have members locations under there photos so we know who is where? I've noticed many members mentioning Burgundy lately, I'm worried there is a British invasion slowly taking over the region while I wasn't looking. I know there's always been a few hiding out in the Morvan but are they now coming down from the hills, determined to return Burgundy to an English outpost?

a photo might be the first way of bringing us closer...!

Some nice ideas but simply don't have the time for the meet up with us both working full time and two young kids plus my OH doesn't speak English so would feel a bit lost in her own country ;-)