2023 Vaccination Timetable and Charges

A reminder to check when we last had our various jabs… for preventable diseases…


and, should anyone be wondering about Covid…

this link was updated 27/04/2023


Thanks @Stella

I went onto Ameli this week to check what my operation had ended up costing, and got a notification that my partner should be getting the booster jab for Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus, which surprised me as I didn’t get one of those at his age. Mind you, I’d only just arrived here permanently at that stage. Has anyone else had one of those? (Or a zona one, come to that?)

Our Doc asked us about Tetanus many years ago… we decided, yes we’d had 'em but couldn’t recall when. As we were into DIY in those days, with saws, drills and heaven knows what else in the way of dangerous weapons… Doc gave us both the T jab and set the timetable for renewing… that and anything else he could think of… :wink:

EDIT discuss with your own Doc…

We’ve had tetanus but, like you, have absolutely no idea when. I haven’t had any vaccinations since I’ve been here other than flu and covid so perhaps ought to be thinking about it… :thinking:

Tetanus is a definite yes, then… I would think… !!
When I got stung on my hand (the soft skin between thumb and finger…) my brain was threatening to go into meltdown wondering about Tetanus/lockjaw (daft, I know) … then I remembered we’re not due for another jab, until next year?.. must go and check…
We’ve had Typhoid
Polio/Diptheria/Tet (Tet booster due in 2026 no idea about the others…)

I’ve only had any of those (apart from tetanus) as a child

I had been “suffering” with repetitive zona for 10 years (and taking fairly ineffective antivirals all that time). I had a 6 month period zona free last year so my then MT suggested a vaccine which I jumped at. A week later I had another attack, but have been reasonably clear of it since. Vaccine wasnt cheap IIRC.


is this one paid partially by the Health Service… or totally down to the Patient… ?

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I didn’t pay anything, but the ordonnance printout said the “cost” was over €100.

I would strongly recommend getting the vaccine, zona is a horrible condition :cry:


I must admit that zona is the one both of us would like to have…

Very painful.

Our MT, who is now much more pleasant, is telling us that we will not get our next Covid jab until the winter.

perhaps your Doc doesn’t think you need it… if your health is sound.

As the govt link says, (certainly for those of us who are in the older category…) it is available 6 months after your last one if you do wish to have it…

I have severe asthma and unexplained nodules in my lungs, so I am in the at risk category.


According to the link I offered… the campaign only started yesterday…27th April…
Presumably you spoke with your Doc before yesterday… ??

Personally, with OH “at risk”… I shall be speaking with our Pharmacist… who has kept us on the straight and narrow (jabbed us regularly) throughout the last few covid years…

My wife and I had our booster jabs last year.

Ameli tell us what is and what is not paid the State… (sometimes according to age/health…)
and it can be cheaper if done during a consultation rather than a specific appointment… but read carefully as I might have misunderstood…


Thanks @Stella and @Nigel-at-BUF-House