2023 Vaccination Timetable and Charges

I’m not scared… but I am thoughtful… and there’s a deal of difference… :wink:

Anyway, we’re seeing our Doc today for other urgent reasons and if he thinks we’ll survive those… then I’m sure we’ll chat about less urgent things like covid and classic cars… :wink: :wink:

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The media are constantly chipping away at our wellbeing, drip feeding fear into our psyche.


Oh, I do agree with that comment… regarding so many news items/topics. Very, very depressing …
Frankly, I’ve had to “switch-off” in self-defence… or I’ll go completely barmy (more than normal).

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Me too and LBC whilst it can be interesting winds me up so I have changed to happier musical channels.

Better off listening to Radio Caroline… :wink:

That takes me back, cant be the same nowadays?

No idea… but it’s a nice thought :wink: :wink:

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I read one yesterday about surviving a nuclear attack. How to spot the different clouds, where to shelter, how to clean yourself, what to eat,the decreasing of radiation poisoning and much more. TBH think I would rather not survive if thats all we have to look forward to plus where will store all the toilet paper? Again media stirring up panic and anxiety for many.

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I shall be skipping off to get my boosters (COVID and 'flu) asap since I am exposed to them through work and my lungs are rubbish.

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This thread has gone in a strange direction…:astonished:

Threads. 1984.

Yes we saw that when it was released, quite frightening.

Its the threats of Adolf Putin and his fellow meglomaniacs that make things scarier currently. Any of them are daft enough to press the button from their lair but on the other hand, if they do that, they have nobody to threaten any longer and get bored.

As we are coming to the end of sunbathing exposure and into the autumn colds, flu and dare I say all respiratory illness’s a wise precaution is vitamin D and K2 supplimentation.
Even more important with weakend lungs.

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Are COVID jabs available to non-residents, those just visiting? I’m thinking of pharmacies, and paying for it of course.

Good news doesn’t sell papers, drive clicks etc.

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Not sure because you have to present your carte vitale when booking etc The only way to know for sure is to go and ask at your local pharmacy if they are willing to do it for you and you pay

Thanks - I’ll try.