25+ French Generals warn of coming civil war!

A significant number of serving and retired French generals have very recently published an open letter in right wing political magzine Valeurs Actuelles warning of grave unrest and strife if the election results in the wrong outcome! M le P welcoming the letter invited them to join RN in her crusade.

As headlined on BBC news site
Anger as ex-generals warn of ‘deadly civil war’ in France

Leave you to make of it what you will !!

From Le Parisien… (subscription needed to read the interview)

Tribune de militaires : «Je souhaite la mise à la retraite des officiers signataires», annonce le général Lecointre

EXCLUSIF. Pour la première fois depuis la retentissante tribune parue dans Valeurs Actuelles, le général François Lecointre, chef d’Etat major des armées, s’exprime. Il nous parle des sanctions à venir pour les généraux et pour les soldats d’active signataires.

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Remind me, might there be an election coming up?

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Interesting read…life around us has no sign of this conflict thankfully


. According to an opinion poll carried out after the controversy erupted, 58 per cent of French voters — including many on the left — supported the military officers who signed the declaration. An extraordinary 74 per cent thought French society was collapsing and no less than 45 per cent agreed France “will soon have a civil war”.

If you follow some of this it’s quite worrying how fractured French society seems to be and I guess most of us see little of it as in the main we live pleasant and sheltered lives.
It does rather put the fractures in the uk over Brexit into a different league. The poll is more concerning than the rants of geriatric generals as it was done for LCI

And this is the link to the poll !