26/02/11 - Zone Bébé Newsletter - of Oranges and L(emons)avender

Hello and welcome to another newsletter issue.


Moltex Öko disposable nappies are now in stock. A good compromise if you are not too keen on reusable cloth nappies. Moltex Öko nappies are one of the more environmentally friendly types of nappies with more than 50% biodegradable materials; the absorbent pulp core is 100% chlorine-free and 20% of the absorbent gel is biodegradable, the breathable protective back-sheet film is 100% biodegradable. The pulp used in Moltex Öko nappies carry the FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council) which means that the forests are managed sustainably to benefit people and planet. The bag they are wrapped in is 100% biodegradable and can be used for your recycle waste.

All five sizes from Mini to XL are in stock. And remember, delivery can be arranged within the 06 area.

Fairtrade Fortnight

28th February - 13th March 2011 is the Fairtrade Foundation’s annual awareness raising campaign to promote the difference that Fairtrade makes to millions of people in developing countries.

Raising awareness about Fairtrade is important as still less than 1% of cotton fashion on the high street carries the FAIRTRADE Mark. By buying Fairtrade cotton you guarantee cotton workers a Fairtrade minimum price as well as a Fairtrade premium for investment in social development projects such as water, education and healthcare… so this little label makes a big difference to millions of people’s lives!

The ranges of sense organics and Piccalilly are Fairtrade certified and 100% super soft GOTS certified organic cotton, perfect for baby. Have a look at the fab range of bodies, sleep suits, blankets, hats, bibs, bandanas, bathrobes, t-shirts and trousers all featuring wonderful colours and designs.

You can find sense organics products here:

And Piccalilly here:

Why not check out what all the fuss is about? Click the logo to view Fairtrade Foundation’s youtube film.

To celebrate Faitrade Fortnight Zone Bébé is offering an essential care organic soothing salve nappy balm for free (worth 7.00€) with every order over 60€.


Benefits of essential oils

An interesting little reminder as to how essential oils can have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing.

Using these oils in a diffuser for example can positively change the ambience. And this is just one of the many benefits essential oils can have. Many oils also are used on the skin, in combination with carrier oil as well as taken orally. We will include a few tips in the coming newsletters, many of them by Eliane Zimmermann, a German naturopath and book author about the safe use of essential oils in therapy and nursing with more than 20 years of experience. And of course orange and lavender essential oil can be bought at Zone Bébé. 

Orange and Lavender essential oils are reducing the fear of the dentist. In an Austrian study, 200 patients aged 18-77 years (50% women, 50% men) were divided into four different groups. While two of these groups were waiting for their dental treatment, their respective waiting room was either scented with orange or with lavender fragrance. The third group was waiting in a waiting room with music; the fourth group was not stimulated at all. Meanwhile, surveys were undertaken to check their levels of anxiety, mood, alertness and calmness.

The two “scented” groups showed less fear and a better mood than the control groups.

Referenz: Lehrner J, Marwinski G, Lehr S, Johren P, Deecke L. Ambient odors of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood in a dental office. Physiol Behav. 2005 Sep 15;86(1-2):92-5…. ©copyright by Eliane Zimmermann | http://blog.aromapraxis.de

Next week

A preview for next week’s newsletter: Öko-Test has tested soft baby shoes, we will let you know what they found.

Have a wonderful second holiday week if you are in Zone B.

Claudia/Zone Bébé


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