3,000 years looking backwards and forwards

Interesting video on the BBC site about a 3,000 year-old ziggurat. That society of 3,000 years ago we can still recognise as having many similarities with our own. I wonder what someone from that time would make of our world today? And it made me think, I wonder what this world will be like in 3,000 years time?

Just a thought - anyone think mankind will still be around in 3,000 years time?

Or indeed ought to be around in 3,000 years?

I really don’t know, if climate change carries on like it is it will not be as we know it. Possibly extinction on the level of the dinosaurs, leaving the odd crocodile etc, or rather a few clusters of humans in the livable zones. who knows we may have got ourselves together and have a lovely world and I’ll be proved wrong!

That question is a bit big for this time on a Thursday afternoon :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hate to be a pessimist but,

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Humans will still be around somewhere in 3,000 years.

After all, that boot Orwell wrote of needs a face to stamp on.

Scientists interviewed on the BBC Today programme said it wasn’t that but a string of letters I didn’t catch and also said it might not happen anyway, but if it did, it might help with global warming as warm water would not be reaching the Arctic Ocean and melting it, therefore…etc.

Despite this advice, they were still quoting the Guardian on the news a short time later. So either they don’t believe the scientists, or the news writers don’t listen to their own programmes. :rofl:


Climate Change Deniers are as as much responsible for loss of life as anti-vaxxers.
I really don’t know what will happen if the Gulf Stream deserts the UK and the north of France, hopefully I will not be around for it to make any difference.
However, that doesn’t mean I don’t worry for those who will.

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I love ancient architecture…

So much we don’t understand and can only theorise about…so much we couldn’t even build today…

Will humanity still be here 3000 years in the future…???

I think so…if we can ditch the idea that every blade of grass and every acre of forest and every seed and every drop of water and the air we breathe has an economical value to be exploited by corporations…

Our earth is abundant and Mother Nature miraculous…

But supporting 7+billion people isn’t sustainable

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Says who…???



So I’m thinking that just emphasises my point that our earth is being mismanaged by huge corporations…:grinning:

It was once hypothesised that the global population could all live in one small area of Australia…everyone have half an acre to grow food…still leaving the rest of Australia and the rest of Earth

I dont agree, I am vaccinated twice and I do understand how we are poisoning our world but certain major things we cannot change, the earths wobbly orbit, the moons wobbly orbit and the sun’s activity levels. These 3 things have the biggest effect on our existence. It was said that when the Panama Canal was opened the change in water caused the earth to tilt. The clearer the skies are the more the suns heat gets to the surface. After the Icelandic volcano errupted the dust cloud caused a cooling effect that was quite noticeable.

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It probably is. As Oxfam have pointed out, the richest 1% of the world’s population are responsible for twice as much carbon dioxide release as the poorest half of the world - and this inequality is even greater for other pollutants and environmental damage. It’s not the number of people that’s the problem, but unsustainable lifestyles and economics.

It may well be that falling population is becoming more of a problem; but in any case it’s very clear how population can be reduced - and it’s in exactly the same way as our lifestyles and economies need to change anyway - by extending education to everybody, especially to young girls, and by redistributing wealth (large families are the direct result of poverty and poor education - as these are mitigated, family sizes shrink).

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I’ve read a bit about magnetic pole reversals…and by some accounts we are due another one…certain tribes have been watching the changing skies and star alignments…then there’s suspicious observers who I watch now and again…

Large families per se in whatever culture or large families that control a disproportionate amount of the world’s wealth…(global gdp)

I watched a presentation a few days back that linked the U.K. health passport to the Goebbels family (and step family) and slave labour justified at the time by war and who managed to escape the Nuremberg trials and maintained their wealth…

A multi billionaire today who was lamenting that people don’t realise how difficult it is to be a guardian of wealth…well I would say that if it’s so difficult why not do something a bit more positive with it than controlling people’s lives…

All of that and the earth is flat.
We need to drastically change our way of life if future generations have any chance at all.
Our children into their old age and our grandchildren.
That is important to me and to many others, but not, unfortunately , sufficient who are prepared to get off their bums and change things.

Not sure UN scientists would agree with you John. See graph in this article.

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Shame Brian Milne isnt around, he was inciteful on these points, seem to remember him say Man had stopped a predicted ice age because of the industrial revolution