3,000 years looking backwards and forwards

Weather patterns and climate have always changed in response to various natural processes, most of which we can’t change. But we mustn’t let this distract us from the things we can change: our unsustainable lifestyles and economies.


The planet burried billions of tonnes of carbon and put it out of reach. It probably knew what it was doing.

We dug it up and burned it - we had no clue.

Only if we grow up & fast.


Same as so many other things, we get them wrong for such a long time and then people defend their rights to keep doing it wrong, like smoking and food.
Meanwhile we get exploited by huge corporations.

Who said that !!?

It was a program about the building of the Panama Canal. Some years back but always stuck in my mind of mans interference again probably for the profit of a few.

But was it right or not, that is the question?

According to the program makers it was.

I think what I find hard to stomach is how humanity…humans…are solely being blamed when to me it’s mismanagement of the earths resources by seemingly untouchables in the upper echelons…two corporations own just about everything…

We all do as many of the little things as we can…I always try to tread as softly on Mother Earth as I can…I don’t use pesticides or chemicals of any description on my half acre of land or on my gang…my electricity consumption is small…I don’t have gas…I’m conscious about the packaging on food I buy…I try my best to tread softly…

I mentioned ‘suspicious observers’…this is Ben Davidson’s channel…I’m not an avid watcher but I sometimes watch his early morning updates ‘space weather news’…the new valley of the sun…and a few of his infomentaries…I find it interesting but it’s a different view of climate science…

@Helen6 , please don’t take this the wrong way but many of the links you post are for individuals whose ideas and theories have found to be just wrong, Ben Davidson is yet another.

I would be interested to know what two corporations you think ‘own just about everything’.

I don’t think I made any comment about whether he’s right or wrong but it’s interesting to view the “other side” and the scientific papers associated…

Here’s the wonderful Vandana Shiva…

But the guy isn’t a scientist Helen, he’s a lawyer.

Any news on the two corporations that own everything?

She talks about two of them Vanguard and Blackrock I think :thinking:

But I don’t know for sure…

I love her vision of natural interconnectedness…I’m not so sure of corporate interconnectedness…???