3 Die trying to rescue others - Storm Miguel

It takes courage to go into the path of danger…

I saw this on the French news, it came just after a report that most fishing boats were seeking shelter or not going out at all.

What I cannot understand, not relevant in this instance I know, are the amount of ‘thrill seekers’ who put themselves and others in danger to get the best photos of the largest waves !

The antics of such thrill-seekers really does beggar belief… :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway, there is no further news of the fishing boat or its captain…

This is the scene with the Rescue boat stranded on the rocks.

It’s always very sad when rescuers loose their lives because idiots don’t think the bad weather will affect them

Heartily agree.

In this instance, it appears to be a situation which arose during the normal working routine of a local fisherman - rather than a joy-rider or thrill-seeker. No clear facts available at the moment.

It may have been a “normal routine” of a local fisherman, but this storm has been forecast for days and the sensible thing would have been to stay in port

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During WW11, on hearing of foul weather brewing, my Dad ordered his ship out of the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic - where it safely rode-out the stormy night, along with those ships which had followed his example.

On re-entering the Med in the calm morning light - they found many ships damaged and a few sunk.

It was a decision he made and it worked out well for him and his fellows.

Today, perhaps the French fisherman made a similar decision - which did not end so happily.

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