3 Nights at the Swimming Pond

First Noubia risking a drink, euch, and then again another night, then a stray cat en promenade. Finally Jules, who declines a drink and the risk of falling in, as he did when he tentatively stepped onto the narrow bridge in the morning.


How did you post the clip David?

Blimey, not often this technophobe gets asked techie questions. :rofl:

I edited 5 1 minute clips together and cut out the bits where nothing was happening, saved it to my Pictures file on the computer then uploaded it to You Tube.

My editor, Movavi, will upload it for me after saving it to my file but, since this craze for checking everything done for a 3rd party began You Tube now demand of me permission to allow them to do so. I have to confirm whether or not it is aimed at children too, so find it better to do it all myself simply be copying the YT link and pasting it here. :smiley:

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