3G/4G Broadband


I was wondering how many people use mobile broadband in France, I have a house I get too as much as I can in 65 and currenlty pay for a landline and broadband so I can work from there whe needed.

In the UK I have a Three MiFi device and it comes with free usage in France against my normal data allowance. So on a recent trip over I brought it with me and found that it connects to Free, with excellent signal at my place, and I got an average 3-5Mb download speed whereas my landline only gives me 1Mb. Seeing as I pay less than £20 for my Three device I am thinking of stopping the landline and just having a MiFi for the house as it is cheaper and faster.

So I am just curious as to how many other people use mobile broadband regularly, if anyone has had issues and any recommendations.