4 Bed or 6 Bed Holiday Let - which would be best?

We have a house which, between 1997 and 2010, we let as a holiday home, with large pool, in the Lot et Garonne, for up to 8 people - 1 double + ensuite, 3 twin bedrooms, Bathroom, Sitting Room, separate Kitchen/diner.

In the future we would again like to let this same property but to fewer people. Obviously (?) we could demand more money by advertising to 6 people but the overall wear and tear and changeover would be easier with 4. There are a lot of properties advertised for 6 people but is there a call for exclusive detached property with a large pool for say a small family or two couples?

Your thoughts please.

Thank you for your thoughts Sheila.

It is a strange question but perhaps there is someone out there who finds they have a much longer, fully booked, season letting to four people than say a short, intermittent season with six. A lot of the houses for four are smaller, in a complex or attached to another. Ours will be detached, private.

Insurance is an interesting question I have never considered. Is there a difference for the number you let to rather than the overall size of the property?

That's a difficult one to answer, Melissa. It all depends on who is out there on the net surfing. Would your insurance be cheaper if you limited it to four people? Could you get (or do you need to get) the same amount of money by changing your marketing profile for the house?

Possibly you could search for equivalent properties (i.e., approximately same accommodation, standards, etc.) and see what their bookings are like.