4G router advice

In view of the ridiculously slow Orange ADSL speeds we have to suffer (download 0.8 mBs) I’m looking at getting a 4G internet router and using Free’s 19.99€/month phone offer. Aside from getting a vastly improved internet I would also be making a considerable monthly saving on my present deal with Orange. Losing the landline wouldn’t be a problem.
Which is fine, except it raises a couple of questions. First, 4G here would come via Orange, who have the predominant signal, so would that work if I’m using Free’s offer?
Second, I’m already using Free’s 2€/month phone SIM, so I would need another SIM for the router from them for their 19.99€ offer - is it possible to have two SIMs (same address, same bank a/c etc.)?
A couple of family members said they were getting 4G while they were here a month ago, and I never thought to pursue it at the time, but our radio has started buffering again.
Any thoughts and advice much appreciated.

I don’t think it would, I imagine you can only go for the Free 4G service if you can receive Free 4G.

Have you also looked at Bouygues who offer a similar service - if you have a Bouygues signal.

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Mat, thanks for that.
I hadn’t even considered Bouygues.
A website I’ve consulted shows that they are better than Free although still second to Orange. Is there any way I can check for a Bouygues signal with my Free phone?
Would a 4G router also pick up 3G if the 4G is weak?
Food for thought. I really ought to see if there’s a Bouygues shop in our vicinity.
Thanks again

I think you can see expected signal here ;

We have the service from Bouygues and I can’t recommend it more highly.
The way the contract worked for us is that you can test to see if the service is available in your location (from what you say, it probably is). You can return the box if it doesn’t do it for you within I think 30 days and the arrangement is Sans engagement. Location box incluse. It doesn’t matter with 4G who has an antennae on the mast (Free, Orange, Bouygues)- it just works superbly well.
The offer in the link is via the internet as opposed to through one of their shops and it is really easy to set up. The SIM they provide will only work with their box.

An update - spent some time in our loft yesterday with my phone (from experience it’s the best place to test for a signal), looking at the available network providers (only shows SFR, Bouygues and Free, no Orange!). Got a weak 4G and full 3G Free signals, none of the others, even in 2G, which left me thinking that the whole operation was a waste of time because the phone is tied to Free (our grandchildren’s phones are of course with UK providers, so not tied).
I have a relay/antenna in the loft, but even with what little signal loss there is with that I think I will struggle to get any sort of decent signal in the house.

When you say you got a “weak” 4G signal I presume you refer to your phone.
Consideration needs to be given to the fact that the 4G internet boxes are more attuned to maintaining a good signal from a 4G mast than a phone is.
Also. you can obtain at reasonable cost a directional 4G aerial (particularly for the Bouygues box) link here. The current Bouygues offering is a Huawei B528 box.

Yes, I was using my phone, and yes, I think a decent aerial is the only way to go. The one I have at the moment is a cheap offering, although to be fair it does bring the phone signal into the house, previously we had to stand on our terrace to get a signal.