50's born UK ladies State Pension Age changes


I am posting this in the General Discussion thread instead of the Pension as some ladies still appear to be unaware of the changes - I hope this information will help anyone who is in this situation.

As many ladies who were born in the 50's in the UK will (probably) already know that the SPA (State Pensioon Age) has been increased by up to 6 years - as in my case, some are still either unaware or have only become aware recently.

As part of an ongoing campaign, the group WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) is holding a day of action today to try and persuade the government to make transitional arrangements for this group - as was promised, as the lack of notice has resulted in these women (many of whom have been low paid throughout their working lives) being unable to make financial plans to cover the period.

This is not a protest about the age equalisation as WASPI agree that it is only right, only that insufficient notice was given to a small cohort of women who are now suffering financially, many experiencing real hardship.

There are several online profiles to support these ladies, to disseminate any news and hopefully to encourage them to also join the movement to demand the situation be rectified. The website is:


The Facebook groups are:

WASPI https://www.facebook.com/WASPI-Women-Against-State-Pension-Inequality-Campaign-877054125688402/?fref=ts)

France WASPI Group (1950s Ladies)

Hope this helps someone out there!