5th year Masters Software Engineering student looking for Internship in Paris

Our No1 son is looking for an intern-ship in Paris here is his general application. If there is anyone out there who knows of anything it would be much appreciated . Thank you.

I am Llywelyn OWEN, a student currently in the final year of my Masters degree in Paris and I’ll get straight to the point.

I am looking for an internship or a part-time job throughout the year in order to complete both my last year of studies in Paris and a thesis that I must complete for another degree I am simultaneously doing.

Game development is my life, I have honed my skills to work in this area of expertise.
I have always wanted to work in a company that can entertain millions of people and that is mainly why I have specialised myself with C#, C++, C and the most commonly known game Engines over the years (Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Cocos3d).

I am a deeply ambitious person, I am curious and motivated by what I do. I am also a developer having started coding when I was 14 years old and now I am 24.

My Unity3D experience:

  • I have used the Unity3D engine since 2012 and accomplished both professional and personal projects.

  • Whilst doing my projects I have self-taught myself most of Unity’s internal functions such as Navmesh, Occlusion culling, Light baking, networking, Particles etc.
    However if need be I am capable of developing my own solutions and have done so with my own movement AI and algorithms for map generation.

Accomplished work:

  • With a small team (2 developers + 1 graphics and UX designer) I developed several augmented reality applications for iOS and Android. On a more personal note, I have participated in numerous video game development competitions (Game Jam).

  • I developed my own 3D pathfinding system and created an algorithm to generate 2D maps during these “Game Jam”.

  • If you want to see my work I can email you a copy of my portfolio PDF and CV

In short my skills are:

  • Unity Engine (since 2012) Unreal Engine (since 2014) Cocos3d(since 2014)

  • C#, C++, C ← Very confident technical skills

  • Python, PHP, Java, LUA, LISP ← other skills

  • Totally bilingual (French and English)

  • Basic Chinese

Hoping that my credentials pique your interest and that I can hear from you soon.

Llywelyn OWEN
+336 70 70 26 21