6 reasons to change your password right now

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Interesting. Mine was breached once, via Dropbox in 2012, according to this site.

Very good article.



Has anyone else received messages purporting to come from Amazon… professing Account Blocked or similar, “so click here to correct” … :rage:… shortly after using Amazon legitimately to buy something…??

Also happening with PayPal…



Mine has been breached by MySpace and River City Media. Might be time to take their advice.
Haven’t had you’re problem Stella and I certainly wouldn’t be inclined to “click here to correct” Have you tried contacting them to see if it’s legit?

Hi Chris… On receiving such a message… at first, I panicked… but went to the Amazon website through another portal, to check it out… found everything OK…phew…such a relief… but I reckon some folk do “click-on” and that will lead them into trouble…:rage:

Same thing with PayPal.

As a rule-of-thumb I NEVER click onto anything in an email…but the rogue messages are quite a regular occurrence… virtually every time we purchase nowadays…We’re waiting for a confirmation email… and this rubbish arrives…so we have to stay alert and avoid being click-happy…

I think it might be time to Notify PayPal and Amazon that there is a weakness somewhere along the line…

Something like this perhaps. Lots of phishing emails out there and whilst it’s easy to say I’d never fall for that…the stats would disagree!

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Is it OK to forward the Scams ??.. I always delete… but if OK to forward, I am prepared to do so…

You can forward the suspect emails to Amazon here

There are certainy a lot. Usually I will just hit reply and see what e-mail address comes up for the addresee. Often it ends .ru not unsurprisingly. Obviously you don’t actually reply.