7th in line for the throne

…is what Harry and Meghan’s sprog will be when the tiny one is born into British society.

I believe all Brits are somewhere in line for the throne, albeit a long, long way from the divine right to sit on it and dub* Knights, call oneself “one” and dispense with number plates on the family car.

*Don’t please tell me dubbing is done standing up, this meant to be serious.

Well, for a long time now I’ve experienced subtle but unmistakeable nudges around the small of my back, which I’ve come to interpret as signals from a higher realm that I should move forward a bit, as someone ahead of me in the line for the throne has vacated their position.

Does anyone else get this spooky but bracing intimation and does anyone know where one should go to find out how far up the list one might be?

Presumably someone keeps an eye on this, so one is not caught on the hop if and when the summons is imminent, so one can take elocution lessons, get a decent haircut and a grant to buy a new suit.

I would rather have that than the sickening report that Russia has backed Maduro when he was ready
to go into exile in Cuba.
Putin is supporting a fellow traveller on the extreme left whose policies are leaving his country in total economic decline and the people leaving in their millions.
Those that remain are hungry, lacking in work and medical care.
Both Russia and China are seeking to influence the rest of the world with their authoritarian approach to government and are much more of a danger to world peace than the new sprog.

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A persistent myth but commoners have no claim to the throne, not even nth million in line.

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This is my take on it…

  1. Aegon Targaeryon aka John Snow
  2. Danaerys Targaeryon
  3. Gendry
  4. Jaime Lanister
  5. Tyrion Lanister
  6. Sam Tarly
  7. Bran Stark
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Perkin Warbeck and Lambert Simnel tried, but didn’t exactly do well!

Perhaps more pertinent is why would anyone want the throne?


Apparently the royals used to believe in the divine right of kings.
I call it being born with a silver spoon. I’m just really happy to have been born in a country with a welfare state and a semblance of democracy.

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Well, @anon88169868 I can’t say I’m disappointed by your sprightly myth-busting as I saw my chances of enthronement dwindling day by weary day, and I think the advice I get from ActivDos on line about twinges in the dorsal spine are serving me well; less sitting around more attention to posture and movement. Those nudges are pure imagination engendered by my idle brain, and two weeks of la grippe.

God bless Her Brittanic Maj and all Her line, hip hip hurrah!

Err…did I anywhere suggest that the yet-to-be-born Harry-Meghan sprog was a danger to world peace, @Jane_Williamson?

You didn’t, but you have posted supporting Russia and China and taking pot shots at our constitutional monarchy seems to indicate where you stand politically.

You can’t help yourself, Jane. Your post IMO was malicious and entirely unfounded, and I suggest courteously but firmly that you withdraw it. You have no grounds for assuming that my political orientation leads to my thinking an unborn child is a danger to world peace. Please do the sensible thing.

I have specifically said that you did not suggest a child is a danger to world peace.
If you wanted to have a go at the British constitutional monarchy you must have expected some flak.

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OK, you implied it and thought better of it when I challenged you. I accept your change of direction cheerfully. I don’t approve the monarchy, but I don’t hold it against those of it’s members who are willing to acknowledge its most obnoxious manifestations, like the cattle-market attitude to royal marriages and the stud-farm parading of pedigree offspring, which the latest young couple are spurning, Gawd bless’em! :uk::uk::uk::uk:

Republican leanings are not illegal or unethical, Jane, and I’m hoping I shan’t lose social credit at the hands of whatever scheme you might be appointed to administer* when you get your MBE. :joy::star_struck:

*PS Don’t tell me the royal gong-committee doesn’t have the most sophisticated social-credit rating system on earth, indeed the universe, in deciding who gets what bauble or gong. I shan’t believe a word of it!

There is nothing wrong with being a Republican.
I used to be one until I went to a French wedding and President Hollande was looking down on the whole proceedings.
I like the stability of the Monarchy and with the advent of William and Harry the power of the hangers-on has diminished greatly, which was my main objection.

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You always give me something to chew over thoughtfully, Jane, like the old edentulous dog I am.

I reckon you already have an automatic invite to British ambassadorial jollies in any country you live in, but I wouldn’t presume to enquire of you, I’m too British to dare. :roll_eyes::uk:

Well you are totally wrong, but as usual you imply something and then withdraw it.

Unlike you, presumably?

Are you two married, to each other I mean, because it sounds like it sometimes!


[quote=“Ian_Horswell, post:18, topic:25568, full:true”]
Are you two married, to each other I mean, because it sounds like it sometimes [/quote]

Ian, isn’t it time you tidied that tip you call your bedroom? And I’m still waiting for you to pay me back that fifty quid you scrounged last month remember? Your mother and me are fine, just fine. End of.

It seems that the question every media commentator wants to ask, but dare not, about Baby Sussex is…? :thinking::sunglasses::zipper_mouth_face:

  1. What’s his name?
  2. Home or hospital birth?
  3. HRH or plain Mr?
  4. Is there an elephant in the room?:innocent:

(Clue: I wager HRH Prince Philip asked to be told straight off).