8 mai 1945 ... 8 mai 2017

I hope many of you will be joining in the formalities and celebrations unfolding today. :slight_smile:

Yes! Just got back from the Monument aux Morts, where we deposited our flowers - it is so much easier making a red white and blue bouquet in May than in November.

For something a little different this year…I was asked to find “a letter home” from WW2 or something similar. Quite by chance I came on a letter written by a young lad to his parents… on the morning of his execution in 1943.

French and non-French… we all stood together… (thankfully in sunshine)…as that letter was read aloud this morning, by local children …each taking it in turns to read a paragraph… and by the time the Adjoint read out the postscript… which said that the writer was a member of the Resistance and only 16 years old…there was not a dry eye.:sob:

Yes, we were honouring the dead for their sacrifice… but we were also remembering the horrors of all conflicts…and thinking of what is still happening throughout our world today.

Finally, everyone back to the bar…:grinning: