8 month old filly needs home

Just wondered if anyone here can help or may know someone who may be able to?

A friend has a young horse for sale and is struggling to find a home for her. Would you know anyone who would be interested or would you be able to forward these details on?

I have never owned horses so most of the following makes no sens to me!

8 month old filly. By cb/tb supreme champion, out of show cob mare. Dark bay, stands @ 13.2hh @ present will make 16.2hh . Very well handled, needs to go to someone who understands young stock. A real easy little filly to do. Offers around 600 €

My friend is upset as she is worried that the horse is not getting the most out of life as she doesnt have time to do anything with her.


Just a thought - cb usually stands for Cleveland Bay - well on the English horse advertising ‘scene’ it does.

Jenny - location would have helped! Foal is in Brittany

Siobhan - I have no idea what they mean by CB as I dont really know anything about horses! If you would like some more info it may be best to speak to her direct. I will message you her phone number.

Hopefully she will have a new home soon! x

Whereabouts is the horse?

It's terrifying at the moment with horses being given away because of finances and the state of the economy. She's not got breeding that would be of interest to the French, sadly, and not many Brits have funds.