8 week rental wanted

Hi. We are hoping to find a place to rent for March and April next year so we can experience life in France that goes beyond the 2 week holiday. We are looking for somewhere with warmer weather than UK, a small town or village house with 2 bedrooms, a bit of outside space, a downstairs loo, we don't need anything too smart and we can't afford too much. Please get in touch if you can help or know anyone who can help. Thanks.

Thanks for your concern and advice. We have now found a place to rent near Villeneuve sur Lot. We are not too concerned about the weather, after all living in the UK the weather is rubbish most of the time.

Hi Clive - I do not want discourage you, but the weather is also changing in la belle France and last few of years March and April have not been warm to say the least, quite cold in fact, so heating on a lot of the time - and that's in Provence where we have a place!

Outside 'the summer season' a lot of places are completely dead, and you would certainly get all the peace you can imagine!

I think you also need to let people know how many you are (you mention 2 bedrooms) - and down south everything is more expensive than further up...do read up on France - it's a big country so many variations of places to go and to visit...

Wishing you good luck. :)