8th November 2010

Today is the first crunch day for the Camping Panzer. The Controle Technique.

Booked for 15.30; the day started normally but my nerves took over, checked everything and to my horror several rear lights refused to work and only one hour to go.........Out with the trusty cross head and dive in. the first was easy,the bulb was corroded so a quick swipe with a fine abrasive cloth and a health giving drink of WD40 cured that. The second ? duh no bulb looked in the spare bulb bin niet, nothing, nada, panic, went back to van and was about to screw the cover back on when a gleam caught my eye and there it was, It had popped out somehow. Out with the trusty kit, WD40, abrasive etc and e.v.entuuuually it worked, slight squeeze,of the holder with the big pair of pliers and it was all systems go.

By now I was sure that I had missed some deeply hidden and horrendously expensive problem; so it was with great trepidation that I arrived 'chez Dekra' for the Controle. I thought I had phased him the last time with a UK registered car and Carte Gris Anglais but no he was cool with all the German documentation.

Headlights , Front and rear suspension, all no comment, Emisions, its an ancient diesel and stinks on start up so that was bound to fail, no comment, underneath banging and levering of vital components, no comment.

How do you open the Bonnet he asks, I show him. 'C'est bon' he says looking over the engine bay, discussed the relative pricing of French vs German Vehicles and my confidence started to climb. Oui ....AT LAST I was congratulated with a good deal and I happily paid the €65 fee. No I really knew it would be OK, no honestly I did!!

Well done Roger!