90 / 180 Staying in France

If the 90/180 requirement has always been the case but say France has not enforced it, i.e. been coming to France for the last six or seven years for 4/5 months at a time once a year. Why should this change because of Brexit. Can anyone provide an official document that this will change please.

I’m assuming that from the 1st of January when you arrive at any Schengen border control your passport will be date stamped and the 90 days starts from then.

The rules have not chsnged. What brexit chsnges is your own status as a brit.
For eu citizens the rule was and is, 30 dsys max in any one eu country as s visitor. This is not generally enforced becsuse it is not an immigration issue.
For non eu citizens the rule was and still is 90 dsys in 180 in Schengen. This is an immigration issue and it is enforced.
Two different sets of rules.
Clesrer now?


Is this official enough for you?

In addition to border checks on tickets (which of course could be changed afterwards) passports are now scanned, so very easy for a computer to flag up entry and exit dates that exceed the time limits. Or indeed flag up passports that have not left so their holders are essentially illegal aliens.

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Border control: you may have to show your return ticket and money

At border control, you may need to:

  • show a return or onward ticket
  • show you have enough money for your stay
  • use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens when queueing

Just a thought!
Have read through the UK gov info and wondered which customs queue I would have to join should I choose to visit the UK after this year.
With my british passport and proof of residency ie CDS would that entitle me to queue with my fellow European residents or with the vote leave 3rd country citizens?

I believe you’ll need to join the ‘3rd country’ queue but shouldn’t get your passport stamped if you show your CdS.

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That’s a good question. Luckily with by British and Irish passports I can do both :slightly_smiling_face: That’s if Covid ever allows us to travel again.