90kph on Cantal's departmental roads,

This morning we drove back to the Aveyron after a few days in the mountains of the Cantal. On the Cantal’s routes nationales the speed limit remains 80kph (except for climbing lanes), but if one goes on to their routes départmentales, the limit goes up to 90kph. I also noticed that as we re-entered Occitanie (the Aveyron) there wasn’t an 80kph sign, which is now needed to warn motorists of the change.

I’m in favour of reverting to 90, but there needs to be more clarity and consistency. Both departments are heavily reliant on tourism and I think there’ll be a big rise in speeding fines for unsuspecting tourists from other parts of France

I drive at 85kph. It works quite well. You catch up with the 80 brigade and get overtaken by the 90 brigade.


I tried that when the 80kph limit came in and got two tickets for driving at 87kph.