9year old going to Uk without me, anyone done this before?


My 9 year old son will be going to the UK with his grandfather this summer. he has a UK passport, but will he need any special doccuments to travel with his grandfather rather than a parent?

Afterwards he will be travelling by air from mainland to Isle of Mann with his aunt, who of course has a different last name… so again any special paperwork, letters needed etc?

Any help greatfully received.


We had ours travelling alone or with relatives. If your son only have a carte d’identite then he will need a “autorisation de sortie de territoire” from the mairie. if he has a passport he doesn’t , this applys to both Uk or french passport.


Thanks folks. I’ll make sure to have everything ready.

Hi Jacqui,
I always give my mum a letter confirming the permission, phototcopy of our passports, plus the authority to give parental consent while ever my daugher is in the UK. I worry that in a medical emergency they might get stroppy about my mum signing, don’t forget to hand over the european health card as well. They have different surnames and with a 60year age difference, it’s quite clear they are not mother and daughter!
My brother lives in Canada with Canadian wife and they are ultra particular about him travelling with the children as they are all Canadian except him!

French children need a “sortie de la terretoire” from the Mairie, which effectively gives them permission to leave the area without their parents.
My sister and I have spent many a phone call to the school explaining that British children DO NOT require this document.
My daughter Eve was the first of the children to go on a school trip to Spain and in the end, the Maire’s secretary the school secretary were calling the British Embassy in Paris to confirm what they had already told me - a parental letter will suffice to a child travelling on their own (ie with another adult)
Isle of Mann??? Is he going to watch the TT Races?

Hi Jacqui, our son has travelled both from France to UK and back again with Grandparents. Never been any bother, but we do always give them a signed letter with photocopies of our passports stating we are happy for them to travel with him. Not sure they have ever been asked questions, but better to be safe rather than sorry. My friend was quizzed many years ago taking her children to Canada with her parents - did their father know they were being taken out of the country?