A bit Big Brotherish?

I though medical information was confidential and one had to authorise it being shared. As with the new AMELI central database. Is this a rather Francoesque attempt to coerce?

According to a survey out today only 40% of the population here will have the vaccine, totally ridiculous.

I agreeTim. But if 60% are saying no then that moves us up the list :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think the Spanish authorities threatening to turn concerned people into the pariahs of Europe will encourage them to take the vaccine. I know it would have exactly the opposite effect on me. Plus I’m sure it would break GDPR rules.

After all having the C-19 vaccine is a personal choice.

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It should be compulsory - the healthy majority should consider the minority who can’t have it for whatever reason. A friend of mine has MS and her treatment regime means she will not be able to have the current vaccine being administered in the UK.

Great more room for Brits escaping the island