A bit disconcerting


If you look at the full survey though (annoyingly the article doesn’t link it) the good news is that the % in the UK saying ‘I would vote to remain in / join the European Union’ has increased again - now 5% more than the leave / stay out voters. Pretty amazing in the overall context of worsening relationships.

I know it’s bit shallow Geof, but I don’t like being identified by my accent as having anything to do with Johnson and his mad policies. Everywhere from in the queue in Carrefour to the little café where we have our morning coffee I’m wondering do they think I’m a Brexiteer type. I’m thinking of taking back control by ordering some sweatshirts printed with Johnson’s photo on the front with a caption “This bastard has nothing to do with me”. it’s not very pithy though, any ideas for a better slogan?


A picture of him and “I’m not, never have been and never will be with this idiot”

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My chest isn’t wide enough :joy: Though my tummy is getting there.

Ok then …
A picture of him with “A GB, oops sorry, UK arshole”

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Just what I need, but sadly unavailable. Sold out I expect.

I fully understand this - thankfully pur French friends see him for the fool/bafoon that he is.

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Maybe - it’s in stock for delivery in the UK but not France as far as I can see.

Je ne suis pas Boris !


Since you wish to communicate with French people then wouldn’t “Boris n’est pas mon premier ministre” be more useful?

Generally here people assume we are escaping the UK so not an issue…


People here know full well that OH and I had no say… and still have no say in anything across the water.
They also know how well we have dived into local French life and some even reckon that we’re more French than the French themselves… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I would prefer to wear a T-shirt with something very French… certainly nothing at all associated with UK… I do have a blue and white stripe T-shirt, so if I add a beret and a string of onions… :rofl: :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Good point Jane. Perhaps "Johnson est un idiot malveillant” might bridge the linguist divide.

“I love Great Britain, I love its people. I have an overwhelming desire to have a government that wants to work with us in good faith” - Macron earlier today.


I did buy a couple of EU pin badges for our trip to France - a little more subtle :grinning: I forgot to take them but I did let people know exactly what I thought of our government.

Sadly that does not sufficiently recognise his malevolent intent wrt refugees, the right to protest, the Judiciary and the media.

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I guess we’re all of a similar mind to Manu :neutral_face:

Our beloved leader has an election coming up and France is about to assume Presidency of the EU so his comments must be judged accordingly.

I think most people don’t have any opinions on French/UK political oneupmanships! We have almost 100% French customers in our nursery/flower shop and I haven’t heard anything negative about ordinary UK citizens. Most comments concern my accent (like Jane Birkin!), their family members living in the UK or food jokes. :wink: