A bit of light hearted spooky fun

I've just walked across Canary Wharf dressed as a witch - very funny and inwardly amusing watching all the suits. The reaction was interesting. Many people smiled, laughed and pointed, some people looked shocked. I should add I was holding the hand of a 3 year old also dressed like a witch. ![](upload://im6Dl8OTWM1NXSFCPm63nTmmCSy.jpeg)Happy Halloween everyone - it's just a bit of fun and the girls loved our Halloween lunch:

Bad tempered bug rolls (blueberry eyes) and the most disgusting worm jelly which made me feel ill but the girls loved it:

Revolting! But great fun.

Trying to keep the hat on Maisy the Cat was tricky and by 12 o clock Izzy had decided she wasn’t being a pumpkin any more and ended up having lunch dressed in her nappy resembling a little bit more than a skeleton :slight_smile:

Well you have to use every excuse to dress up and be daft every now and then don't you!

Ahhhhhhhhhh how I envy you !!!!! I used to love halloween with my kids :-( Make the most of it cos then they grow !!!! lol

I live in the South and with the weather at the moment I dont think there will be any trick or treaters, but I have the sweets just in case lol