A bloody disgrace IMO

As Lukashenko’s atrocities continue, Cyprus blackmails the EU.

Personally, I think it is despicable.

So do I, but perhaps if everyone else agrees each country could sanction individually, I doubt Cyprus would be missed.

I always favoured Turkey rather than Greece (until the Edogan era) because the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was justified to protect the Turkish Cypriots after a revolt by union with Greece forces.

And then the vote to re-unite the island by the Turks was used by the Greeks to join the EU alone (by voting aginst re-unification), without the other half. IMO a very unfair decision by the EU. It should have been all or nothing.


Probably best to kick out Cyprus the eu don’t need the tax dodges anyway

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Quite honestly since Edogan, both as are as bad as each other, in different ways.

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