A BURNING ISSUE - COAL? It is legal? Yes or no?

Hi all. We have a Godin and I am assured by a French friend who has the same model that it is multi-fuel. Our "chateau" is a very small house in a small mediaeval village. We have no cave so last year's wood was stored in the hallway, in the dining-room, etc., etc. I was also advised that it is not a good idea to store wood in the house, for all the obvious reasons.

So my question is - what about coal??? I mentioned this to someone yesterday, who informed me that burning coal in France is illegal. I find this hard to believe.

If it's not illegal, I need to start researching and soon on where to source it. My husband thinks we can worry about this in September, but I need to know this winter's fuel has been sourced, ordered and a delivery date agreed.


Sheila - have you had a look at this site? http://www.adorla.com/charbon-mineral-lignite.html

We use wood and coal, We buy or wood from one of the local guy and we buy the coal from the yard that sells wood, we have never had a problem.

Our neighbour uses smokeless coal which comes in bags. I have no idea where it comes from though. If I see her and remember, I'll ask - just as long as she is not having a delivery and grabs me as she did once before :-(