A Cautionary about a UK appliance

In the whirlwind of moving in, we installed our UK purchased equipment using adaptors to suit the French sockets. Over the next few days/weeks I changed most equipment to have French plugs.
I forgot one on the dishwasher. Recently, we thought it was starting to ovrheat and was on the way out, and then it died. I am a sucker for trying to revive or resuscitate equipment rather than replace it. After a lot of research on what can cause a Bosch dishwasher to overheat then die, I had a couple of items to take a look at, and some idea on how to take it all apart to get at them.
Some of you may be nodding sagely, a Bosch dishwasher, overheating? Oh yes, don’t they just burst into flames ? Ours is one of those in the batch of dangerous 'washers but was repaired under a Bosch safety program 2 years ago.
I opened the cupboard under the sink in order to unplug it, and could not get the plug out of the adaptor, nor the adaptor out of the socket. I stopped trying when my efforts resulted in some orange flashes near my hand! The dishwasher also started working, resuming from where it left off when it had expired. At this point I decided to throw the trip before explorng further.
Retrung to the plug stuck in the adaptor and the adaptor stuclk in the socket, I resolved to try harder. The plug/adaptor was now warm and came out easier. This is what the plug and adpator looked like :blush:

The adaptor is rated at 10Amps/16Amps, why there are 2 ratings I do not know. The dishwasher is rated at 2Kw, so should have been close to 10Amps but not in excess. The adaptor was, however, cheap.

Needless to say the lead now has a French plug on it, the socket has been replaced and we now have a fully functional dishwasher. We nearly had no house!


i opted to buy expensive adapter after 2 cheep ones burnt out.

glad your house is okay

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So glad this ended well for you… :relaxed:

And certainly something for us all to look into… with regards to our own electrics… it’s amazing how time flies and what was (perhaps) meant to be a temporary-fix becomes long-term …:zipper_mouth_face:

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Never liked adapters, esp’ for things like washers etc, don’t think they are intended for such! :roll_eyes:

Whatever it says on them these devices are not a great idea for high powered appliances, glad it was just a scorched adapter.

It’s not just these which are unwise - multi-way adapters are not a good idea for the likes of dishwashers either, one gîte we rented had one on the washing machine and it nearly looked like yours!!

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