A cautionary tale

We have been away for a while over winter and when we came back our oil fired boiler didnt work. We called in a plumber/electrician who,had a look and told us it was old and needed replacing at a cost of around 7000 euros and told us it Definately could not be repaired. I went to see the people who had installed it many years ago and Madame herself came up to have a look. She said it could be repaired and sent someone up this morning. He was here five minutes…job done!!THE PROBLEM WAS…THE WATER TEMPERATURE HAD GONE TOO HIGH AND THE SECURITY SYSTEM HAD JUST TURNED THE BOILER OFF AND ALL THST WAS NEEDED WAS FOR THE SWITCH TO BE RESET!! I am in shock…when I think of what we could have paid…only 10 am and I need a whisky!!! Just shows how easy it is to be ripped off.

even better get to know your appliances and what they are capable of doing.

Brilliant advice. Well done and thanks for sharing it. A second opinion is worth it’s weight in gold.
Good on you!

I am so glad you went back to the original installer and got a true picture.

You are right, there are people who are not straight and they can include predatory Brits as well.

What are you going to do with the 7,000 you have saved?