A chambre's d'hote question

A little B and B question…

We’re thinking of opening a chambres d’hote on a very small scale - a table d’hote actually. I’ve just started the research and i’m thinking about the big picture… am i right in the follwing?

I need to make a declaration of registration at the Mairie

I need to register with the Chambre d’Hote organisation, and get a licence to serve meals

I need to get public liability insurance (esp. for things like food poisoning !) and make sure all is safe, eg electrics.

Declare to the tax authorities the income i generate as per my normal tax return

BUT i’m exempt from registration as a professional business if… less than 5 bedrooms (15 people), under e23,000 income, and that income is less than half of my total income…

thanks, teresa

thanks tom - yes, very nice… i’m tricking around with typepad for mine, but have no content about the actual house yet!.. we get the keys on friday to our new B&B in the making, so we’re like giddy children… its difficult to concentrate with the packing boxes looming.

thanks john… great advice and made me laugh too… i was a graphic designer in a previous life - and i completely agree regarding the website. in the past whenever we’ve booked a b&b the website really gives a feel for the accomodation. i’m working on it!

thanks for the luck too


Hi. I think the business plan very much depends on if you are buried in the countryside or are in a town.
I can only go by our 1 1/2 years of B & B / chambres d’ hote experience here in the central town of Bourges.

We are lucky to have a very active tourist office, probably something to do with the UNESCO cathedral.Needless to say we work closely with L’Office de Tourisme.

We are also with Clevacance who awarded us two keys. Apart from that they are useless.

Personally I am not convinced that offering anything but breakfast makes economic sense.Our town has several good restaurants so anyone who has an evening meal ( 18 euros)with us either has small children ( which is fair enough ), or is a bit dull or just mean.(The last two situations don’t make for an interesting evening)

Get a simple but good website.Very important.

Just a few passing thoughts.

Best of luck, John


thanks Valerie for the link - however as it was posted originally in 2008 it looks a bit out of date to me. certainly from my research the average charge for dinner is way more than e17. I’m told the rules and regs for running this sort of business change all the time, and that’s one of the reasons for my question.
this is your site is it? i’ll be happy to share with you any info i find!
best, teresa

Hi Teresa, this may help you: http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/index.php/news/general/setting-up-a-gite-chambre-dhotes-or-table-dhotes-in-france

Hi Teresa

Glad to hear you have surfaced from your boxes…!!

I would also post here http://www.survivefrance.com/group/giteowners - you sound like you are on the right track to me but I’m sure there are people in the Gite group who will know for sure.