A complicated problem to solve

Three years ago I was approached by someone by e mail and he said that he wanted to create

a website for our B AND B business....without charge.

My initial thought was to say no but I was struggling to get the web site in tune with our

concept and I know absolutely nothing about website building.

He produced closdessaveurs.com. Which I really like.

All I had to pay him was for yearly hosting.

There is always a but!

I found that, of course he owned the sight and I was unable to make or

ask him to make changes.

He does not seem to be interested in receiving money.

I have no idea why he took on this project,

However I have realised that I am no longer receiving booking enquiries

via my web site so I checked it out by sending a few e mails.

Did not receive them...are they going to cyber space?

He did answer my question regarding this problem and said that it

must be an error at my end.

Most of my bookings come by e mail as I have a few agents who

have their own website.

However I wish to use a website to make independent contact with

clients and I need my website to function.

The chap is not interested.

I have offered to pay him for the sight but he no longer

answers. The domain name needs renewing in March apparently,,,,

someone has told me.

What to do?

Good stuff Barbara, you'll feel empowered with a new site and may just make more money.

We are almost there!!!!!!

It was looking a little hopeless, however

things are changing.

Never give up on negotiation!


Namebay are being helpful.

I have sent some info to them just now.

The aim is to close the site and start again>

I REALLY am trying to get it closed down and buying a new one.

But thanks

In my opinion after all you should start fresh! Try to close it down and drop this domain too! I am sure if you start a fresh new website with fresh updated content under a new domain for your business you will see a good difference to your project. I strongly believe that this website must disappear from the net. You can file an abuse report to the hosting provider and they will take care of your website as they are the only ones who have access to the back end of it:-) I told you what happened to me 7 years ago with my own website at that time.

Here in the forum there are reliable professional website builders who may can take over your new site. I have lots of knowledge about it but I am not professional and not confident to create a website for someone else ( ah even for free ;-)) But, whenever you need a hand just ask me and I help you.

I am not sure if I can post a link but here is a reliable Company in UK if you want to have a look: Tier one design

And here is a small affirmation ;-) "You are here in a French beautiful country side with such a wonderful project ! A new website will be available soon that will bring you good customers to you by contacting you directly :-) "

Take care ♥

Where are my enquiries going?


will create a new domain registration.

My last post is missing!!!

Yes Buzz is no longer Buzzing.

So where are the e mails directed to .....exactly?

My business has changed as I realised our market and the b and b was

attracting people who were looking for one or 2 nights and attending

local weddings. Not only was the 2 nights at the weekend not what I wanted

the people who were coming were not always very nice.

Nice is a kind word.

Although I thought that my colourful life in London was over and the

countryside would be a kind and enriched with visitors with a love of tranquillity......I may have been wrong.

The delight of the red stuff in huge abundance and consumption seemed

to take over. For the visitors....not for me.

So now it is about family gatherings and our place is where they meet

from all corners of the world.

So I the website was not really that relevant.

But I checked it out about a month ago and realised that my enquiries

were going .......well where....not to me!

My enquiries are coming from the websites of my agents and directly

to me.

I would prefer to keep a site but it is not imperative.

I would need to take away the cooking school page as we

no longer focus on this side of our work.

I will take a new Domain Name.....

We are living in very mysterious times.....

what fou fou!!!!
I know nothing about webs and their ways.

Certainly know that so many people are strangers in dark places,

I am intrigued as to why someone creates a sight and the dumps it!

But I have and will continue corresponding with the the hosting co to

close down clos des saveurs,com.

morning everyone by the way!

There you go, well done Carl, so tally ho and go for a new site! Barbara if you aren't paying or if you are phone the web hosting Co and stop the account that should get you a response unless he died.

The original site has gone NOWHERE with Google in it's life which shows it needed work. A Page rank of 0 after all this time is quite an achievement.

I agree with Carl, don't get hung up on the old website and who has checked if the old site is even ranked by google? make a new one, use better descriptors and SEO and who knows it may get a higher ranking than the old one making the old one a moot point.

Then draw a line under the issue and move on happy that you have a shiny new site and control over it at last.

Have not had am e mail from you Steve.

You are right ! This information sounds quite scary. I deleted my reply just in case :-)

Yes it is !!!!!

I know it is not hacking but I rather mean it is a very similar action :-) As I said to Barbara the guy might use her hosting account only to host his own files ( could be illegal files ) or to send certain spams ...or who knows!