A complicated problem to solve

I was in a similar position 4 or 5 years ago trying to get control of a domain for a website customer of mine.


I ended up talking to the company that was used to register the domain and proving to them that I had a legitimate interest. They in turn wrote to the un-responsive web designer who originally registered the site.

He of course did not reply and control was passed to my client (through me) and I was able to re-register the domain, transfer it to my server and write the current site.

Maybe I was lucky but it seemed a pretty simple process.

Yes I have.

I am happy to pay a reasonable sum to him and then allow someone....such as

Steve Yates to make the needed changes and maintain the site....

Steve and I have discussed this.

Have you tried offering some cash to transfer ownership of the site?

Have we lost our contact with real people.....well almost?

I tried as well and never received a reply.

Have a look on the discussions page I have started a topic.

I received an enquiry 2 weeks ago and the wholes story is another bazaar episode.

Far too complex to type on here...my arm would ache so much !!!!!!!


My friend, whom I have known in person in UK for 30 years is

reliable....almost like abrother.

No he received nothing.

Did your friend in UK receive anything after sending the email?

That's true we can never trust anyone in cyber space ;-)

Take care!

WELL I have had no message from the web builder.

In cyber space and e mails we never know who we are talking to.

Unless, of course the circumstances change.

And they do sometimes.

Yes no problem!

By phone I ll be available though in the evening if it's ok for you:-)

I will send you an email now !

so much to ask ...better to do it on the phone.

ALYSA can I lease call you my address is johnchinon@Hotmail.com

kindly let me have your tel number and I will explain.

Also I forgot to mention that the guy must have forwarded your site's contact form to one of his personal emails and NOT yours that's why you can not receive any emails from your site! All these of course can be done in the back end of your hosting account.

I think you must collect all of the proofs about your ownership of the hosting account and this domain and ask the appropriate companies to give you full access. Also, say to this guy that you will no longer pay for anything and you will contact the companies to get your answers.

In the end of the day he can't continue using YOU !!!!

BTW, how do you pay him for the hosting service and your domain?

Sorry if I ask so many questions but I need to know how exactly things are happening in your matter so I can help you as better as I can :-)


- Alysa

Did you try to use the contact form on your website by pretending you are a customer who wants some info about booking a room or so? The emails you sent are through the contact form?

Ok, I have just some " weird" thoughts about it as the guy does not ask for money and YES I also find his behavior strange.

I am just wondering if:

- He uses YOU to pay the hosting service in order for HIM to host all the rest of HIS websites under YOUR account for free ! As I said I run many websites on my own and I am very familiar with hosting services , domains , internet etc .... When we have a hosting account we can host more than one website in the same account.

- He uses your domain's email through your hosting account to do some things ... ex. sending Spams for his own reasons .... It is very easy for him to use your account's email to do illegal stuff.

- He uses your account to host his own files!!!

Back in 2007 I had paid a website designer to create my very first site and I gave her access to my hosting account and after a couple of weeks the hosting company suspended my site for illegal content!!!! My website was my online art gallery and nothing else!! They told me that they had found some pornography videos and files hosted in my account!!!!

- His intentions are to rip off potential customers.

I noticed there is a telephone number on the right top corner of your page. Have you ever received any calls from customers?

I have asked him.

He is refusing to answer!!!!

Steve has been helping solve the problem but the chap does not seem to be

interested to be paid to help.

He has asked for very little money, and, of course I hace paid this.

He must have his own reason for his actions....but I can not understand them.


I run several websites and I also found out that your website is under his personal details and yes he is from Saint Malo .... Your website represents your own business and it must be registered under your personal details and not his!!!! Now it is like he owns your domain and your website !!! You must contact him and ask him to give you a full access to your website and the administration of the hosting service

Best regards

- Alysa

Thank you for your help.

My e mail address is johnchinon@Hotmail.com.


Send me your email address and I'll send you the info I've found once I've finished something else.


Thanks for your reply.

written proof no.

just e mails I expect.

NO I do not have the mobile number.


That domain name appears to be registered to someone in St Malo and there is a mobile number for him, do you have that ? If he will give you the access codes, you could at least download the current site and then look for a new hosting solution

It is registered with Namebay and expires on March 2nd. If the "owner" won't transfer the site to you,perhaps they will help, do you have written proof that he created the site for you ?