A Day Out In


As a border dweller it’s easy for us to just pop up to Andorra for the day when the mood takes - just over an hour away so it’s something we do quite regularly. So - to celebrate a friends birthday and take in some late season skiing we popped up there yesterday. Stunning day, perfect weather and we installed ourselves in the Grau Roig ski area - just brilliant.

Snow was great, ski runs practically empty, excellent facilities, wonderful lunch on the terrace of the Hotel Grau Roig and some amazing value duty free shopping (info: restricted allowances as Andorra is not part of the EU).

Most notably - the service we received everywhere was just superb - smiley, happy people willing to serve and make sure you enjoyed your day (imagine that!!). All of them able to speak a variety of languages - something unheard of just a hour down the road in France. The ability to eat when we chose to eat (imagine that!!!) i.e. outside the utterly ridiculous French eating hours and - reasonable prices. OK I know Andorra is more or less tax free but, even so, it makes France look like a complete rip-off!

So - if you’re in the area - pop up to Andorra, you won’t be disappointed ! :slight_smile:


Let’s see some photos then! :slight_smile:

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